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Top 10 child prodigies from around the world (Part One)

The famous saying that the child is the father of the man goes true for all the child prodigies in the world. Childhood, ah it’s a magical time when one is still allowed to be a non-productive drain on society and not feel guilty about it. However, some children were more focused on things like […]

Medium of instruction… Urdu or English

The latest stance of the Punjab government on the medium of instruction is an instance of yet another ill-planned attempt to bring about broad based reforms in the education sector. Without considering that such reforms need proper strategies, they started working abruptly. There is no doubt that only trained and distinctive educationists can make strategies […]

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: I am still a 17-year-old at heart

Iron Maiden lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, has stressed that he is still a 17-year-old even though he will be celebrating his 54th birthday on August 7 later this year. In a recent interview, the English musician was asked that whether the band needed to change its genre, he replied: “Mature our image? Why? Inside this […]

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson opens new Aircraft business

Iron Maiden lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, has reportedly launched a new firm that aims to serve as a maintenance business for aircrafts named, Cardiff Aviation Ltd. The firm will be based at the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan and is expected to create up to 1000 new jobs in the area. […]

Ajmal’s ‘Doosra’ did the damage on the ‘Doosra’ day; let’s see how the ‘Teesra’ day goes

Pakistan finished the Day 1 with 256 runs for the loss of seven wickets as captain, Misbah-ul-Haq decided to bat after winning the toss. Misbah and Saeed Ajmal came out to start the proceedings for Pakistan during the second day of the Abu Dhabi Test. Team Pakistan was hoping to get some 50 odd runs […]

The Town: A crime dramatic thriller

The Town is a story of four robbers whose mission is to rob banks and collect money which fulfils their need. There major weapon is to disguise people and deprive them of their holdings like cash, credit cards, cars etc. The film has been directed by Ben Affleck and written by Peter Craig. The main […]

Efforts should be made to preserve Ormuri language; scholars suggest at a seminar

ISLAMABAD – Deliberating on the need to protect endangered languages in Pakistan, the national and international experts, urge on making conscious effort to preserve extinct Ormuri language spoken by Ormuri people in South Waziristan and Lugar province in Afghanistan. They discussed it during the official presentation of book ‘The Ormuri Language in Past and Present’, […]

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

Joy Ride is an epic thriller and a must watch for all suspense lovers as the movie takes a lot of twists and turns before reaching its climax. The main cast includes Nicki Aycox as ‘Melissa’, Laura Jordan as ‘Kayla’, Kyle Schmid as ‘Nik’, Nick Zano as ‘Bobby Singer’and Mark Gibbon as ‘Rusty Nail’. The […]

Let’s rock English style – Meera is the new language

After the colonization era, Brits had left behind a gift for us and for all other colonies, Language! As the one of the most powerful state of that time, their language was made official in colonies that they ruled. Nowadays, most of the Asian countries, whenever interact, they use English as a medium of verbal […]


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