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Naturalist terms Humans as a Plague for Planet Earth

Looking at how rapidly the climate of the world has been changing these past couple of years and even more when looking at records that go back 20, 50 or even a 100. While not all may agree, but an 86-year-old naturalist David Attenborough certainly things that humans are a “plague on the Earth” according […]

The Children of the street – Part 3

This article is a continuation of ‘The children of the street – Part 2’. To fend for them to find what to eat and many are tempted by adults or older youth to engage in drug sales, theft or prostitution. Drug use by these young people is common. It is a means to relieve pain […]

The children of the street – Part 2

This article is a continuance of ‘The children of the street – Part 1’. There are many girls living on the streets, although the figure is lower than in the case of boys because they are more “useful” for families at home, cooking or caring for younger siblings. Girls are also more vulnerable to trafficking […]

The children of the street – Part 1

This article looks into the lives of less fortunate or more appropriately, unfortunate. For some children, the street is the place to find their home, their parents, games, education, health or love. For others, however, the streets are where locked from dawn until midnight. Private protection and care of a family, sleeping in litter boxes, […]

Children of the jungle – Part 2

Children of the jungle – Part 2 This article is a continuation of ‘Children of the jungle – Part 1’. As you may understand, in both cases, girls could not reveal how much of a myth and had in his stories, far from their unusual behaviors, sociologists, zoologists, and even linguists have been unable to […]

Children of the jungle – Part 1

Can humans be tamed by the wild? Can human children survive in the world of animals? The idea that a man may be raised by wild animals has surprised and shocked many throughout the ages. Rub all, when people and beings that have been recorded in recent history and to ensure that the event can […]

Mental Fatigue

Mental Fatigue Fatigue, whether it is mental, that is caused by mental or nervous work caused by physical or muscular work is a peculiar individual state, and is characterized by conscious phenomena and objective phenomena.  The first are the feelings of fatigue, tiredness or exhaustion, which together with various complaints, subjective fatigue is part of the call, the latter consisting of a decrease in performance (quantity, quality, or both). Mental fatigue is caused by prolonged mental effort in activities that require close attention, as well as emotional issues, hormonal […]


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