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Nokia set to launch Windows RT tablet this year

It seems that Nokia is preparing to take the plunge. According to sources the Finnish company, specializing in a new field having led the pole position in the market of mobile phones. Nokia prepares for the third quarter of 2013 by launching a 10-inch tablet equipped with Windows operating system. Finnish online publication, meanwhile, has also published the […]

Nokia loses more than 1,400 million Euros in the second quarter

The Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has reported total losses amounting to 1,410 million Euros in the second quarter, compared to 368 million Euros in the same period of 2011. The company has experienced a significant drop of 18.6% of their income and 5% in the number of units sold under the pressure from manufacturers like Apple or Samsung. Specifically, turnover totalled […]

Nokia to lay of 10,000 employees worldwide

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, is set to lay off 10,000 workers worldwide until the end of 2013, said the company sources on Thursday. Nokia, with a worldwide workforce of 130,000 employees, has announced a broad restructuring plan that seeks to recover the lost profitability in recent months by a sharp cut operating costs […]

The decline of Nokia

The Supremacy of Nokia, which was established in April 1998 and has been the market leader in phone industry ever since, has ended after 14 long years. The finish company has been leafrogged by Samsung after recording just 83 million units as compared to the South Korean multinational company’s 88 million units. These disturbing figures […]

Nokia reports drop in sales

Nokia, renowned finish company, has recorded a significant loss during the first quarter of the year as the sales of Smartphones plunged to 51% and other mobile phone as low as 16 percent. It has already been announced but the facts and figures been worse than expected. Nokia admitted that the facts and are discouraging and […]

Nokia set to introduce windows phones to the China market

Nokia will start to sell a new range of Smartphones using Microsoft software in China from April, seeking to claw back market share it has seen gobbled up by Apple and Samsung in the past year China has become one of the hottest growing markets for Smartphone makers, with Apple Chief Executive Cook also visiting Beijing at […]

Scientists found out secret behind strength of spider web design

Scientists found out secret behind strength of spider web design Researchers have found that the spiders have strong webs which are capable of withstanding huge forces. The scientists claim that these findings can be used to help design a new generation of super strength materials. The study found that the spider’s web not only has […]


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