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President Barack Obama re-elected president of the United States

Barack Obama, the candidate of change and hope, won re-election by overcoming four years of economic discontent with a mix of political populism and electoral math.   He, who became the first black U.S. president, defeated Republican Mitt Romney. After his victory, he tweeted, “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s […]

US Presidential Elections: Barack Obama thanks Mitt Romney for campaign

President Barack Obama congratulated his Republican rival Mitt Romney for waging a “spirited campaign, saying he expects to have a good night by the end of Election Day. Obama spent the day in his hometown Chicago meeting with volunteers and calling some of them personally to thank them for their work, before he hosts a […]

Barack Obama to win the US election

Apparently, President Barack Obama will win a second term. One doesn’t have to have psychic powers, a crystal ball or a deck of Tarot cards to predict how the presidential election will pan today.   But Barack Obama has a solid record and few flip flops on important issues. By contrast, Republican Mitt Romney is […]

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney struggling for final push

With less than 48 hours remaining in what it feels like the longest election race ever, President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters and are engaged in a heated exchange of words in their final leg of campaigning. The two contenders have flooded the […]

Senator John Kerry criticizes Romney’s statement about Pakistan

Criticizing the republican candidate, Chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry has said that Mitt Romney has no clear policy for dealing with Pakistan. Responding to Republication presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s remarks on Pakistan and other foreign policy issues in the third and last direct debate in Florida with President Obama, […]

Vigorous Barrack Obama outdoes defensive Mitt Romney in foreign policy debate

A vigorous President Barack Obama put Republican challenger Mitt Romney on the defensive on foreign policy in the final debate just 15 days ahead of US Presidential Elections, scheduled to be held on November 06, 2012. Analysts and an immediate poll declared Obama successful in the final debate. President Obama displayed the experience of a […]

Aggressive Obama overcomes Romney in second debate

In the recent face-to-face encounter, an antagonistic Barack Obama landed telling blows on contender Mitt Romney as naked dislike boiled over between the White House foes in a tense debate. Obama – widely perceived to have lost their first encounter – came out swinging in New York on the economy, tax and foreign policy. According […]

Data Analysis companies extend their hand for the upcoming US Presidential elections

One Sunday morning in April, Christopher Burgess and his wife, Kathy, were sitting at their dining room table, engaged in the time-honored ritual popular with many U.S. couples: namely, screaming at the political talk shows on TV. “Whoever was talking said Obama said this, and it was taken totally out of context,” recalls Burgess. “And […]

Mitt Romney- A Blessing for the United States of America or Just another Face

Mitt Romney- A Blessing for the United States of America or Just another Face The American people are ready for a change and the time is ripe as well since nearly four years of unfulfilled promises have led the hard working citizens of the United States of America to their breaking point. With 2012 being […]

US should not attempt to negotiate with Taliban, says Mitt Romney

US should not attempt to negotiate with Taliban, says Mitt Romney Former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney has stated that the United States should not attempt to negotiate with the Taliban. Romney, who is US Republican Presidential favourite has also criticised Obama management for trying to initiate covert talks with Afghan rebellions. “The right course for […]

Republican candidates bash Pakistan in their latest policy debate in the United States of America

Pakistan came in for heavy criticism when republican candidates took the podium in their latest edition of policy debate in the United States of America. Herman Cain and Mitt Romney were two prominent candidates who criticised Pakistan, out of the two Romney was more elaborative on his critique of Pakistan’s role in the global war […]


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