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PAF releases images of Kamra airbase attackers

Islamabad: (Thursday, August 16, 2012) The Pakistan Air Force (PAF), after attack on Kamara Airbase today morning, has released the images of militants who were involved in the incident. According to the news sources, nine militants were killed after security forces launched an operation against the attackers of the Kamra Airbase. However, while most of […]

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon is finally unravelled in detail

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn which is one of the most coldest places in our solar system, a new collection of 13 studies on Titan reveal craters and rivers that were previously undetected have now been unravelled in detail The studies have also revealed new details about the moon’s eerie 29.5-Earth-year-long seasonal cycle. […]

Top 3 most underrated games everyone must play – Part 3

After taking a look at both Vanquish and Demon’s Souls it is now time to turn our attention to another game that has flown under everyone’s radar. Vanquish is a game that will result in an excessively itchy trigger finger and Demon’s Souls will cause a fair number of controllers to be flung across the […]


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