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A 6.0 magnitude earthquake shakes northern California


Every alarm throughout the city of San Francisco (California) on Tuesday at noon said the possibility of an earthquake and tsunami. Distributed at every corner speakers prove that the system works in case you need to alert the city. It did not sounded anything to feel the ground, houses and objects moved from side to […]

Two Americans repatriated from Liberia survived Ebola

Brantly Ebola virus

“Today is a miracle.” Kent summed up in these words Brantly survive the Ebola virus. 33 The doctor and nurse Nancy Writebol, 59, the first two people who have been treated for the infection in American territory, have received at discharge. “I’m lucky to be alive and to have been able to meet with my […]

Barack Obama meets once again with war in Iraq

USA president Barack Obama

President Barack Obama wanted to shift the focus of foreign policy and security of the United States to Asia. His goal when he arrived at the White House in 2009, was to end the wars he inherited from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and close the chapter on a decade in which the war on […]

USA tried to rescue hostages of Islamic State


United States “recently” made an unsuccessful military operation in Syria to try to rescue “several” American hostages held by the militant group Islamic State, as confirmed Wednesday the Pentagon and the White House. The operation, in which “components of air and earth” was used and was focused on a “specific network captors” EI, failed because […]

USA maintains attacks in Iraq against Islamic State

US airstrikes in Iraq

The threats that the Islamic State (EI) launched against the United States in the video that showed the execution of American journalist James Foley has not stopped Washington. American planes bombed positions of the jihadists in northern Iraq, reports the BBC. Fighters and American navy dronesĀ  have also provided air cover Thursday to Iraqi and […]

World is watching closely Ferguson protests


Protests in Ferguson (Missouri) congregate during the day to a few thousand people in a segment less than a mile on a street in a small town in the Midwest United States. At night police incidents recur. With hundreds of journalists and activists -journalists and activists observing filming, write and tweet the-minute effects are global. […]

Racial tension grows the impotence of Barack Obama


When Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, columnist Thomas Friedman proclaimed in an article that finally the American Civil War had ended. Almost 150 years after the defeat of the slave South to the Union led by Abraham Lincoln, a man of African descent came to the White House. Obama, the son of a […]

Black city agitation against white police

Michael Brown death

“I do not feel represented,” he repeated like a mantra Thursday Etoya Dickerson, a black twenties protesting against the police station of Ferguson’s death on Saturday of a young African American by shooting of a policeman. Dickerson’s words and those of other residents of this poor town outside St. Louis (Missouri), in the Midwestern United […]

Police version revives unrest in Ferguson

Michael Brown shot dead by police

The soothing effect that generated from the afternoon of Thursday the transfer of supervision of protests Ferguson local to the more conciliatory Missouri State Police Officer, evaporated Friday the streets of this humble town of San Luis. Emotions escalate again dramatically and the riots and looting were repeated from previous nights. The trigger for the […]

Jihadis take another city despite air support from USA


The three days of air strikes by American forces in northern Iraq to stop the advance of the militants of the Islamic State (EI) ” have been very effective on the basis of reports received from the ground,” said Monday the Secretary of Defense USA, Chuck Hagel, during a bilateral summit with Australia in Sydney. […]

Death of a young black unleashes a wave of unrest in Saint Louis

Michael Brown shot dead by police

A year and a half after the death of Martin Trayvon triggered massive protests from the black community in the United States, the case of another young unarmed black died from a shot has reignited tempers. Martin, 17, died in 2012 in the State of Florida with a shot to the heart when a neighborhood […]

USA preparing a long military campaign in Iraq


United States prepares for a long military intervention in Iraq. Defeating the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI), which aim to create a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East will require the formation of a multi-denominational government in Baghdad. The world’s leading power is ready to support, but not to lead the war […]


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