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Kate Winslet shifts to Great Britain

Kate Winslet shifts to Great Britain Kate Winslet, who’s affair with Sir Richard Branson’s nephew – Ned Rocknroll – went public last year, has now moved in with her new man, it has been revealed. In her first public comment about her relationship with the former husband of Eliza Pearson, the Titanic star revealed that […]

T-Mobile – MetroPCS deal finalizes, Deutsche Telekom takes majority stake in the fusion

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS have struck a deal on a merger under the supervision of T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom. The European telecommunications giant will own majority of the stake in the merged business. The deal was announced on Tuesday. Deutsche Telekom will grab 74 percent stake in the merger while MetroPCS Communications owners will […]

DirecTV and Dish Network mulling over the idea of a merger, say analysts

DirecTV Group and Dish Network are planning to merge together in the satellite-based television programming. The two companies struck a deal about 10 years ago but was refuted by the Justice Department. The two companies have seen a fierce competition from the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the pay-TV market. Since the merger […]

Wireless spectrum sharing needs more research and testing in real world, says report

Wireless spectrum sharing is catching attention as the government says it is an option of choice. The regulators, chiefly the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are getting involved in getting the proposition to an acceptable end. In a recent statement the Obama administration has approved of the spectrum sharing proposal and has given a go-ahead to […]

Apple shares hit another all-time high after exceeding iPhone 5 demand

Apple shares were up one percent at the midday trading on Monday to $698. Since the release of the verdict from nine-member jury in California on the patent infringement case against Samsung, AAPL has been in the upward motion. However, the credit in the recent streak of all-time highs in the last three trading days […]

AT&T says iPhone 5 pre-orders are overwhelming, exceed last year’s record orders

AT&T is the first carrier to partner with Apple on iPhones. Since 2007 it has sold millions, if not in billions, handsets to the US population. That is why it has the thickest edge in becoming the top seller of the iPhone 5. In a recent statement, the company said the initial demand of iPhone […]

Cable TV operator plan to increase WiFi hotspots in the US

Cable television companies plan to expand their business in the WiFi networks all over the US. In a recent statement, the consortium is expected the increase the number of WiFi hotspots to 100,000 at the end of this year. Companies like Comcast, Bright House Networks, Cox Communications, Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable will jointly […]

Apple’s LTE-supportive iPhone 5 outlines new game plans among US-carriers

Apple’s new iPhone 5 will spring a cut throat competition in the US, where wireless carriers are going one another tooth and nail. The new handset fresh from Cupertino has 4G LTE wireless technology support and the likes of AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless are marketing their services to be superior. Although the main […]

Acme Packet has near future prospects in upward direction, predicts RBC

Acme Packet, the developers of voice over phone lines products, are yet to see progression in their stock value. Its share price in the market has fallen more than 75 percent in a year and a half, with 37 percent fall this year. However, the latest rating from RBC Capital Markets might give some boost […]

Verizon increases this year dividends by 3 percent due to higher growth rate

Verizon Communications, the parent company of Verizon Wireless, said in a statement that it will pay $2.06 of dividend per share this year; that is 3 percent increase in the previously announced profit per share. The main reason for the increase in dividend, according experts is the increasing profitability in the wireless networks. Smartphone and […]

Celebrities dominate the Queen’s Birthday Honours

Celebrities dominate the Queen’s Birthday Honours The list also includes actresses Jenny Agutter and Amanda Redman and chart-topping choirmaster Gareth Malone as well as the designer of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. It also sees the re-introduction of the British Empire Medal (BEM), often described as the "working-class gong", which was revived by David […]

10 Celebrities who saved life (Part II)

10 Celebrities who saved life (Part II)  6.       Kate Winslet Kate Winslet helped Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother get to safety while vacationing at his home in the British Virgin Islands with her boyfriend and children. The place was going up in flames but Winslet made sure the old lady got out safely, which […]


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