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Two Banks Robbed in Karachi

It was recently reported from Karachi that two banks were robbed on the same day as robbers went out on a spree. Reports claims that the incidents took place in a matter of 20 minutes as both the banks were absolutely emptied by the people who robbed them.   The first report came from Paposhnagar, […]

WB approves US $300 million Development Policy Loan for Brazil

WASHINGTON, August 30th 2012 – Up to 16 million inhabitants of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will benefit from a US$300 million Development Policy Loan (DPL) approved today by The World Bank Board of Directors. The Rio State Development Policy Loan lll will improve the State’s financial and tax administrations, as well as […]

The Town: A crime dramatic thriller

The Town is a story of four robbers whose mission is to rob banks and collect money which fulfils their need. There major weapon is to disguise people and deprive them of their holdings like cash, credit cards, cars etc. The film has been directed by Ben Affleck and written by Peter Craig. The main […]


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