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EURO on a four month low due to Greek crisis

The euro was stuck at four-month lows against the dollar in Asian trade Wednesday amid fears over political uncertainty in debt-ridden Greece and its wider impact across the 17-nation euro zone. The euro bought $1.2715 in Tokyo afternoon trade, compared with $1.2728 in New York late Tuesday, and treading its lowest levels since mid-January. The […]

China and the US: What is the middle way to continue the relationship?

Over the years China has become an economic super-power and the main reason has been its forte in production, and cheap production in particular. In the last one decade the country has snatched the production from the US and has provided the world with the same commodities on comparatively cheaper rates. Due to the fact the US […]

‘Poverty alleviation vs. Capitalism’

‘Poverty alleviation vs. Capitalism’ It is time to reform our society Many people measure a nation’s value through the equal distribution of wealth, and hence choose to completely ignore the issue of creation of wealth (and the reduction in incentive which results from it). They measure the value of a country on the equality of […]

V’s Vendetta on politics engulfs protesters all over the world

It is not the first time that movie costumes have become an insignia for a cult or a group of activist but the Guy Fawkes mask has become a new sensation for the protesters in the worldwide campaign against capitalism and politics. Activists all around the world have been seen wearing Fawkes masks, registering their […]


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