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New BMW 640i Gran Coupe: First look at the German sedan 2012 model

The new BMW 640i Gran Coupe is a sedan with  a great specification sheet and beautiful design. The driver system offers great fuel efficiency and inside stereo system is one of the best in luxury cars. The connected car system with all the social networking applications called ConnectedDrive is only available for the iPhones. The […]

Lahore: Car plunges into canal

Lahore: (Thursday, August 02, 2012) After accident with a rickshaw at Mall Road underpass, a car plunged into the canal. According to witnesses, a car, driven by a woman, collided with a rickshaw, after which she lost control over the car, resultantly, the car fell into a canal. Sharing the details, police sources told that […]

LIT brings new shape to motorbikes yet it cannot be called one – Part 1

The automobile industry is evolving at a fast pace. It is not ancient history that car makers introduced a new concept of connected cars. The basic idea was to connect the cars to the internet and integrate social networking and other online services to the cars. Now the automobiles are shirking to the utmost levels. […]

LIT brings new shape to motorbikes yet it cannot be called one – Part 2

The C1 is designed keeping in view the basic safety and aerodynamics in view. It has two wheels, one in the front and one in the back, just like a motorbike. The whole structure is covered, including the wheels, like a car. The outer-shell includes the cabin, fender, bonnet and a boot, for luggage. The […]

China shows fluctuating performance in May; import/export up, consumer index down

China, the once streaking economy in the world is now performing less than satisfactorily, mainly because of the foreign demand in the shape of exports. It is a no-brainer now that China is an export-driven economy and domestic consumption is just a bystander in the way. However, the lack of domestic consumption is the one […]

Sports car owners! Here’s the thing … no 3G no connected car

There might not be a Ferrari dealership in Pakistan, not even enough Ferraris for that matter but there is a market that constitutes about one percent of the population. There are petrol-heads and gear-heads in Pakistan, this is undeniable and they like fast rides, not only the Italian brands. But, what good are these cars […]

Fiat 500 Abarth: Hands-on Review – Part 1

Fiat just rolled out the US version of their Fiat 500 Abarth. At first look the small hatchback gives the same look of the Fiat 500c except the side-skirt stickers that tell the very difference. Oh! There are two shiny Abarth logos at the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The inside of the […]

Fiat 500 Abarth: Hands-on Review – Part 2

Although there has been a Fiat 500 Abarth in Europe for several years, the U.S. version is significantly different. The U.S. tuners used a different turbocharger on the base engine, with subsequently different tuning. Matt Davis, Fiat’s U.S. head of Product Marketing, says the U.S. version is louder than the European version. Inside the car, […]

How To Live?

Day in, day out Work, work, work No way out What we are No time to think about Trio is the king of time Fear, tear and doubt How to live Nobody knows Who to live Yes, all shout  I wrote these versus spontaneously on yesterday night while sitting alone before the window of my […]

Accident near G-11 Markaz

Accident near G-11 Markaz An accident recently took place at the junction of the G-11 Markaz signal that resulted in a major injury incurred upon a female pedestrian that was passing by. The woman was hit by a car that was making a wrong turn at high speed and could not come to a stop […]


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