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Ch Nisar challenges Imran Khan to drag him to court

Islamabad: (Thursday, August 09, 2012) Chaudhry Nisar of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), who also happens to be the leader of opposition in National Assembly said here today that the 11 allegations leveled by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan against the PML-N President Nawaz Sharif are the same that had been fabricated by Rehman Malik. […]

Child soldiers in Congo – Part 2

This article is a continuation of Child soldiers in Congo – Part 1. Under Lubanga learned the rudiments of his new job, a child soldier in Africa. In recent months the service of the UPC, Gestaing became familiar with the knife, the Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. In mixed classes using traditional tools and techniques of […]

Child Soldiers in Congo

A former child soldier abducted by the forces of Lubanga recounts his ordeal and the ordeal of rehabilitation in Congo  "I’ve seen my friends die. Not many. At all. " Gestaing talks fast, as if telling the life of another or, simply, as if unwilling to realize that theirs is the one drawing with broken words. Talk while surfing […]

When Parents Fight

When Parents Fight Parents might not realise the fact that when they fight, the only ones that are getting hurt are their children who have to be a witness to the fact that two grown, mature individuals, cannot deal with each other’s problems in a grownup sort of way.   Children of all ages, whether […]

Broken childhoods in Europe – Part 3

This article is a continuation of ‘Broken childhoods in Europe – Part 2’. Noa Ovadia, Elem voluntary, it kicks the streets of Tel Aviv in search of children to attend. And find them. Are parks like Hashmal, south of the Israeli capital, sitting on a bench, waiting deals to go after a hedge, cheap sex […]

Broken childhoods in Europe – Part 2

This article is a continuation of ‘Broken childhoods in Europe – Part 1’. Statistics is Eerie: at least 11 out of 100 people in prostitution in the country have less than 18 years , experts say Elem, an organization dedicated to assisting young people with trauma. The U.S. State Department has sexual exploitation in Israel […]

Broken childhoods in Europe – Part 1

"I went with the man because he promised he was going to love and care. I believed in him " . Sarah says she just wanted love in Mr. Brown, tall and somewhat obese, with smell of coffee, which began her days as a prostitute. The first of the many men who vejarían for two […]

The Children of the street – Part 3

This article is a continuation of ‘The children of the street – Part 2’. To fend for them to find what to eat and many are tempted by adults or older youth to engage in drug sales, theft or prostitution. Drug use by these young people is common. It is a means to relieve pain […]

The children of the street – Part 2

This article is a continuance of ‘The children of the street – Part 1’. There are many girls living on the streets, although the figure is lower than in the case of boys because they are more “useful” for families at home, cooking or caring for younger siblings. Girls are also more vulnerable to trafficking […]

The children of the street – Part 1

This article looks into the lives of less fortunate or more appropriately, unfortunate. For some children, the street is the place to find their home, their parents, games, education, health or love. For others, however, the streets are where locked from dawn until midnight. Private protection and care of a family, sleeping in litter boxes, […]

Breast Ironing in Cameroon – Part 2

This article is a continuation of ‘Breast Ironing in Cameroon – Part 1’. The agency conducted extensive research in 2006 with surveys of 5,700 women 10 to 82, who also revealed that half of girls whose breasts began to grow before the age of nine have this practice more common in cities than in the […]

Breast Ironing in Cameroon – Part 1

Ever heard of a society so hostile that mothers have to iron their daughter’s breasts in order to decrease their sexual appeal and therefore save them from being raped? This is the story of the torture that female children of Cameroon have to bear. The procedure contains placing hot stones on the developing breasts of […]


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