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Dell and reach a deal with Western Express on a cloud-based CRM solution

PC makers Dell have struck a deal with US Trucker company Western Express on cloud-based customer relationship management software deployment in their infrastructure. Dell will develop the system in collaboration with is a renowned brand name in CRM-based applications. The company provides both online and stand-alone software solutions to its clients for better […]

PayPal still waiting for approval on domestic payment service license from Chinese central bank

eBay owned PayPal stated Thursday that it is still waiting for a reply from Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China, on the request filed for online payment services license in the country’s domestic market. According to the company, the application was filed a year earlier and is still in approval process. They say they […]

China and the US: What is the middle way to continue the relationship?

Over the years China has become an economic super-power and the main reason has been its forte in production, and cheap production in particular. In the last one decade the country has snatched the production from the US and has provided the world with the same commodities on comparatively cheaper rates. Due to the fact the US […]


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