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Women Protection Bill: CII Pushes For Completion

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), despite serious public opposition, shared the draft of its proposed women protection bill among members, requesting their presence and cooperation in the next meeting which will discuss the final draft that will possibly be sent to Parliament. The council has provided its own protection bill, which among other suggested […]

Qazi Hussain Ahmed to bring religious leaders together to end sectarianism

In order to put the genie of sectarianism back into the bottle, top slot the religious leaders are set to launch a new non-political forum. According to the reports, the proposed Islamic Front will help resolving bigoted sectarian differences by harmonizing Friday sermons in the mosques. Furthermore, the panel will also work for implementation of […]

Akram Masih Gill wants strict laws against forced conversions

Akram Masih Gill, the minister for national harmony, expressed reservations over the deteriorating situation of minorities, particularly Hindus, alleging that about hundred non-Muslims were forced to convert to Islam every month. Speaking to the media, the minister demanded strict laws to protect minorities from forced conversions to Islam. He said that such practices were against […]


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