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Jessie J: Constructive criticism is important

‘The Voice’ judge has insisted that constructive criticism to contestants is very important as they need to know what is required of them. She admitted that there have been differences with her fellow judges but they end once the show ends. The singer has been regularly booed by audiences for criticising contestants after their performances. […]

Danny O’Donoghue blasts X Factor

‘The Script’ singer has launched an attack on the rival show after comments from Simon Cowell claiming that the BBC show is a rip-off of the X Factor. Cowell stated that his show and ‘The Voice’ have great similarity and admitted that BBC has copied their show to gain popularity. O’Donoghue responded to critics claiming […]

Jessie J’s comments anger ‘The Voice’ producers

‘The Voice’ judges were reportedly left fuming after Jessie J’s rude comments on The Graham Norton Show. The singer had criticised the BBC show in her interview which has surely not gone down well with the producers, who in return are seeking an explanation. The ‘Price Tag’ singer stated that she should have waited for […]

Danny O’Donoghue reveals Cameron Diaz snub

‘The Script’ singer has revealed that he had snubbed Cameron Diaz a few years back when the blonde asked her out. He insisted that the actress had given her number but there was no contact made by him after that as he loves his girlfriend. O’Donoghue claimed that he was in New York for a […]


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