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Chris Tremlett returns to England squad

England selectors have recalled Chris Tremlett into England’s 30-member squad for the mid-year international season. The lanky fast bowler has not played any Test cricket since January 2012 due to a long-standing back problem. Since he has gained his fitness back, the selectors want to take full advantages of his skills. England and Wales Cricket […]

House of Marley’s Bag of Rhythms: A portable music box with classical looks

Portable sound systems are trending these days. iPod and iPhone docks have been in the market for years but the new trend of having the whole jukebox on the go is becoming a fashion of late. There are many companies like Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio is heavily involved in the this nascent market. Now House […]

iPad receives a new dock in the shape of Brydge – Part 1

What iPad has always been missing is a suitable docking device that could transform it into an acceptable laptop for easy use on physical keyboard. Although the in-built iOS keyboard is extremely responsive and beats its competitors to the punch, the need of physical needs has always been was users have desired. Though Apple supports […]

What is missing in iPad? Mice device compatibility – Part 1

Apple, Inc. brought a new device, iPad, in 2010 that changed the culture of tablets as we know it. The sleek and simple design was first considered as an upsize iPod and for that matter it attracted huge criticism. However, last year we saw a new tablet culture spring from the very roots of iPad. […]

What is missing in iPad? Mice device compatibility – Part 2

Therefore, an immediate piece if suggestion to Apple would be to at least include mouse and track-pad adaptability in the upcoming iOS 6. There have been talks that iPad and iOS combined will replace laptops in the near future with the help of additional peripherals like ZaggFolio. However, these devices need the oomph of track-pads, […]

Apple’s iPad with a physical keyboard: A peripheral that cannot be neglected – Part 1

Apple’s flagship tablet, the iPad comes with the best specifications in the market and one of the best touch screens among its peers. With a host of applications, compatible with the iOS 4 and 5 on the slate, it is by far the most attractive device out there. In addition to being the assistant in […]

Apple’s iPad with a physical keyboard: A peripheral that cannot be neglected – Part 2

However, these new devices do not come without downsides of their own. They lack a mouse track pad as the whole screen is touch sensitive. Furthermore, they also do not support full string of keystroke commands albeit cut, copy and paste. Only one company can be expected to release a fully compatible device like the […]


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