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An argument in dual-nationality issue

Few people argue in favor of giving right to election to dual nationality holders but the justification being given for it is beyond my comprehension. The question is that how can one hunt with the wolf and run with the rabbit at the same time? For readers’ convenience of understanding, here is quote of the […]

Rehman Malik submits renunciation certificate to Supreme Court

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Wednesday submitted his renunciation certificate to the Supreme Court, asking it to dispose dual nationality case against him. The minister, in his reply to the court, said that his dual nationality case had stirred a controversy and that he had to resign as a senator because of it. He, along […]

Parliamentarians with dual nationality

With all to and fro about parliamentarians holding dual nationalities, it is best time for parliament to introduce concrete legislation on the matter. In what appeared to be a right step, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has started asking by-polls contesters to declare about their dual-citizenship. Although many countries do not have such restrictions, […]

Dual Citizenship: Is it really an Issue?

Dual Citizenship: Is it really an Issue? With all the talk going around nowadays about dual citizenship, one has to wonder whether this really is an issue or not? In Pakistan, anything that has to do with mainstream politicians being affected by court orders becomes wildly over exaggerated, with the most recent being the membership […]


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