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Facebook set to launch Gift service

The Californian company in the U.S. today released a new service of selling gifts through their social network, which is a step forward in the company of Mark Zuckerberg in his attempt to convince Wall Street that they still can attract good investments in near future. “Users can receive Gifts by using our exciting new […]

Alibaba claims its transaction volume will beat Amazon and eBay combined this year

Alibaba Group is making a pretty penny and will further its sales volume by the end of this year. These were the remarks from Zeng Ming, Alibaba’s chief strategy officer. Ming went on to say that the company’s value of merchandize will surpass that of Amazon and eBay combined. The company holds a major share […]

One in ten Facebook profiles are fake

One in ten Facebook profiles are fake Almost one in ten Facebook profiles are fake, it emerged on Thursday. It means misuse of the social network by paedophiles and con artists could be even more prevalent than previously thought. According to company filings, around 8.7 percent – 83.09 million – of its 955 million active […]

Internet Lobby launched by Facebook, E-bay and Google

Internet Lobby launched by Facebook, E-bay and Google Big technology firms including Google, Facebook, eBay and Amazon have joined to create a new lobby group aimed at promoting “an open, innovative and free Internet.” The Internet Association announced its formation in a statement on its website, indicating it will be headed by Michael Beckerman, a […]

Scott Thompson resigns from Yahoo

Scott Thompson, Yahoo’s CEO, has been hit by a controversy after it became known that the former PayPal president has been lying about his educational background. The chief executive, who spent barley six month in charge, will now be replaced by Ross Levinsohn. However, the motives which could have justified his resignation has been deemed […]

Investigation finds Craigslist in poorly administered firearms sale has been found involved in guns sale and worst than that, they have been caught red-handed in selling the guns illegally. Although it is not gun-slinging in anyway, this is against their corporate policy. The company had mentioned clearly before that they will never sell or promote the sale of guns in anyways possible. […]

Dotcom Business: A sight for sore eyes in the future

Since the dawn of internet, the world has become a global village with its presence in the dotcom environment. Since that time the world has seen a battle between two systems, click and brick. The clever ones chose the right option and embraced the click system of business and are prosperous to date. The dotcom […]


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