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New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 1

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is out for the same prime as the original Kindle Fire. At $199 the new tablet offers a faster processor, updated operating system and denser display with HD resolution. Alongside the launch of the 7 incher, Amazon also introduced the premium versions, 8.9-inch Fires, of the tablets. The 8.9-inch […]

New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch: Will it live up to its hype? – Part 2

The brief hands-on experience by a number of experts suggests that the device was quite satisfying but still there are certain performance quirks that might had been improved. A full-fledged review is only possible at the time of its release to the stores on November 20. Amazon is good at slating release dates on its […]

The real target is Kindle-based content not Kindle, says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says its primary target is to sell tablet content not tablets themselves. The company is not seeing much profitability in the Kindle line of tablets, be it e-readers or the full-blown slate computers. The main purpose of the largest e-retailer in the world is to sell books, movies and television shows, especially the ones […]

Kindle tablets have 22 percent of the market share, Amazon says comes up with yet another good news. In a statement issued on Thursday, the company said that it has grabbed almost 22 percent of the US tablet market. Although the company also stated that the tablet is currently out of stock, preceding news was good enough to overshadow it. However, they did not mention […]

Amazon Prime membership increases in profitability, says the company’s biggest weapon is not the huge stock available online, nor is its Kindle device. It is the company’s Amazon Prime membership that spruce up its ecosystem. The company said Monday in a statement that its Prime Free Two-Day shipping is churning more profits than older Free Super Saver Shipping program. Though the company did […]

Apple faces lawsuit in Canada for alleged monopoly in e-book market – Part 1

Apple is now facing a lawsuit in Canada on accusation of lobbying and monopolising the e-book prices at its online book shop, iBookStore. A local lawyer in Canada has filed the suit against the technology company on behalf of any Canadian citizen who has purchased an e-book over the last two years, backing the case […]

Apple faces lawsuit in Canada for alleged monopoly in e-book market – Part 2

There are currently three similar suits in Canada, all seeking damages for any Canadians who have purchased an e-book. Painchaud, has maintained the stance against Apple, that if customers have purchased books on higher prices, they should get paid in return if Apple is proven guilty in this case. Apple, on the other hand still […]

The best inexpensive tablets in the market

Amazon introduced the first tablet to the world in 2007 with a slate-like structure. However, in the beginning its sole purpose was to facilitate in reading books and journals. Apple followed the suit in quick succession and rolled out their first colourful tablet in 2010 called the iPad. Now-a-days, tablets are not only the best […]

The best inexpensive tablets as e-Readers

Barnes and Noble introduced their latest edition of Nook series in fall 2011. However, despite being one of the cheapest tablets in the world, it could not cope with the unprecedented success of Kindle Fire. The same is expected to happen with Samsung’s latest release of Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which was released in April, […]

The best inexpensive tablets as media devices – Part 1

  Although the current tablet culture started as an e-reader when Amazon released its first Kindle in 2007, these devices have now become more than that, thanks to Apple’s iPad. The Cupertino-based company released the first iPad in 2010 and in addition to being an e-reader, the slate was a perfect replacement of laptops in […]

The best inexpensive tablets as media devices – Part 2

On the other hand, a Kindle user can stream a video and can also download it on the device for no extra charges. Non-Kindle users have to pay extra to purchase the movies and TV shows on their tablets. Moreover, Prime membership holders all this is for free. Though every Kindle user can rent a […]

The new iPad (2012): First review – Most intimidating factor, Retina Display – Part 1

Apple’s new beast is out of the cage and the most intimidating factor of it is its Retina Display. Now, I can go on and on for hours on new display and how it has the power to convert people from other tablets to the Apple product, and how it can lure the uninitiated public […]


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