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Airlines resume flights to Tel Aviv while Hamas attacks

flights to israel resumed

The dozen U.S., Canadian and European airlines on Tuesday canceled their flights to and from Israel have chosen to resume flight operation in the Ben Gurion International Airport. The decision to suspend travel came after a Palestinian militias rocket hit in open countryside near the airfield, which triggered the alarm after two weeks went really […]

Major airlines canceled flights to Israel

Federal Aviation Administration

All U.S. airlines and much of Europe on Tuesday suspended all its flights to Israel. The drastic measure taken after as shell from the Palestinian Gaza hit a house near the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States has banned all U.S. carriers flying for 24 hours. […]

Federal Aviation Administration initiates research into the use of electronic devices in airplanes

The growing criticism over the restriction on the usage of cellphones and other mobile devices like tablets during airplane takeoffs and landings has forced authorities to revise the procedure. Federal Aviation Administration has authorized a research group to gather data on whether it is compulsory to turn off cellphones and tablets during flights. The research […]


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