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Gunman Open Fires on a Plane in Peshawar

Another attack on a Pakistani airport was seen this morning as a gunman decided to open fire at a plane in Peshawar Airport. This act of violence has come only two weeks after the previous attack on an airport in Pakistan; Karachi International Airport. The authorities in the area were trying to look for a […]

Fire in Vietnam leaves 6 dead

Rawalpindi Clashes

It was reported from Hanoi that a fire took over a bar under renovation and left six workers dead in the centre of the city of Hanoi. Thanh Nien Newpaper stated that out of those six reported dead, two were couples who were renovating the bar when the fire ignited. Even though the blaze was […]

Fire erupts in a car showroom on University Road, Karachi

Karachi fire

The Fire Brigade authorities have confirmed that they sent fire tenders in order to extinguish the fire that caused havoc in the commercial area. Reports claim that the fire broke out in the two-storey building, located n ear Expo Centre, and they were successfully after to get control of the situation.

Amazon options movie rights to SEED author Ania Ahlborn

Amazon has offered option of movie rights to Ania Ahlborn, the author of horror/suspense ‘SEED’. Amazon is making headway in bringing up its original content in its ecosystem through its division Amazon Studios. Since the launch of Kindle Fire devices last year, the company has been targeted by experts for the lack of original content. […]

The real target is Kindle-based content not Kindle, says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says its primary target is to sell tablet content not tablets themselves. The company is not seeing much profitability in the Kindle line of tablets, be it e-readers or the full-blown slate computers. The main purpose of the largest e-retailer in the world is to sell books, movies and television shows, especially the ones […]

HRCP voices concerns over safety of factory workers

Expressing concerns over the death of at least 289 people in factory fires in Karachi, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) urged the authorities concerned to ensure protection of workers across the country. According to a statement, the commission expressed satisfaction over the job did by firefighters. However, they were not satisfied with the facilities […]

Kindle tablets have 22 percent of the market share, Amazon says comes up with yet another good news. In a statement issued on Thursday, the company said that it has grabbed almost 22 percent of the US tablet market. Although the company also stated that the tablet is currently out of stock, preceding news was good enough to overshadow it. However, they did not mention […]

Kindle-exclusive titles have been downloaded more than 100 million times, Amazon says is making strong and encouraging statements that surely are going to inculcate confidence in investors. The company said Tuesday that its 180,000 books available for Amazon Prime membership have received over a hundred million-plus hits in terms of downloads, borrows and purchases. Though it has been less than a year since the service started […]

Amazon Prime membership increases in profitability, says the company’s biggest weapon is not the huge stock available online, nor is its Kindle device. It is the company’s Amazon Prime membership that spruce up its ecosystem. The company said Monday in a statement that its Prime Free Two-Day shipping is churning more profits than older Free Super Saver Shipping program. Though the company did […]

Best e-readers available in the market – Part 1

The culture of reading books has changed since the advent of e-readers. The readership of paper-based books has now decreased mainly due to the introduction of e-readers, thanks to Amazon, and tablets, thanks to Apple. Though the readership on the whole has not been dented, per se, it has rather increased in the recent years. […]

Best e-readers available in the market – Part 2

However, this comes at an extra price of $40, the new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is available to the customers for $139. In addition to features like e-reader, the tablet sports a web browser for emailing and simple web browsing. It also has a music player to listen to custom playlists. Amazon Kindle Touch […]

Best e-readers available in the market – Part 3

  Amazon Kindle The most inexpensive tablet available in the market commenced its official sales in October, last year. Its price at $79 is still the lowest in the market. However, the device could be found for even less in the market. The cheap price tag shaves off some of basic features that might be […]


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