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Pak-India trade talks to begin in September

Hyderabad: (Saturday, July 21, 2012) S R Rao, the Indian Trade Secretary said here today that talks over Pak-India trade relations were being worked upon and they expect it to begin in sometimes in September. Rao said this while talking to the journalists during a programme of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hyderabad city […]

S M Krishna to visit Pakistan in September

Bangalore: (Thursday, July 19, 2012) As Pakistan-India peace dialogues enter into its next phase, India‚Äôs External Affairs Minister SM Krishna plans to visit Pakistan in September. Krishna, while talking to the journalists here today, confirmed that he would visit Pakistan during second week of September. Commenting on his upcoming visit, he said that his visit […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 1

In the current era of technology, where everything is getting slimmer and more efficient, the smartphone industry is running a hot streak. Hardware manufacturers like NVIDIA are throwing more and more cores into the processors and phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are making the final product thinner and thinner by the day. However, competition […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 2

At 5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and just hair below 0.5 inches thick it is a good looking piece of technology. At 4.9 ounces, it feels reassuringly heavy for its size. Samsung Focus Flash (2011) Samsung is not only known for Android-powered smartphones but the company also works with Microsoft on their glamorous […]

Best affordable smartphones with great specifications – Part 3

Samsung Exhibit II 4G (2011) Other than the Galaxy line of Android-based smartphones from Samsung have never attracted so much attention but Exhibit is another case altogether. It is affordable and boasts some of the best qualities that a premium phone like Nexus has. The phone comes with Android Gingerbread 2.3 and all its glory […]


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