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LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 1

LG Electronics introduced a new Android smartphone, LG Optimus Vu, in Korea this week. Though the phone had been making news since its official launch back in February, 2012, it is entirely a different thing to hold the phone physically. The new Vu is a different phone in a number of features but the most […]

LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 2

For its size, LG has kept the phone’s weight at bay. It is not as heavy as one would anticipate at first look. At 6.08 ounces it is not the lightest device in the market but for its footprint it does give a good satisfying feel. At 5.5 inches height and 3.5 inches width with […]

LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 3

Moreover, there e-reader applications from LG in addition to some games, though most of them are Korean-versions. Included inside the chassis is a GSM radio, FM/AM radio and a television transmitter. In addition to these old and standard organs, LG also provides an NFC chip with two gold antennae. Though Android Beam is an ICS-exclusive […]

Sony Xperia P 2012: Full Review – Part 1

Sony released the new Android smartphone this week under the banner of Xperia called Sony Xperia P. Launched at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February, the phone was touted as a mid-ranged handset to cater to the more moderate market segment. As the above statement suggests, the new Xperia P comes right in the […]

Sony Xperia P 2012: Full Review – Part 2

Under the 4-inch screen are capacitive buttons for Home, Return and Menu. It is noticeable to mention that unlike the Xperia U, this handset has merges the icons and the actual buttons in one place. These buttons are on a typical-NXT-design band under the screen that has different colour choices at the disposal of the […]

Sony Xperia P 2012: Full Review – Part 3

Performance Behind the phone resides an 8-mega pixel camera that comes equipped with Sony’s Exmor R backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor. There is not shutter lag in taking instant photos and shooting from the lock screen is even quicker by pressing and holding the shutter button. In the bright sunlight it takes greater detailed photos but the […]

Google’s Android remains the underdog in the mobile computing market – Part 1

This might sound a little offensive but Google, Inc.’s mobile operating system is an underdog in both smartphone and tablet markets. Though it might have snatched a big chunk of market share from Apple in the former market but in terms of quality it still chases the tail of iOS—Android’s counterpart developed by Apple. The […]

Google’s Android remains the underdog in the mobile computing market – Part 2

In addition to Google’s App Market, there are numerous third-party applications that not only contain bugs but malware in them due to sloppy checks and signature systems. Even Google’s own application centre does not have appropriate checks and balances in this regard. Late in 2011, the Silicon Valley-based company had to bring down a number […]

Samsung launches Galaxy Mini 2 at Mobile World Congress 2012

Samsung unveiled a slew of smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona. The company’s main focus was on the phones churned out of the strategic partnership with Google on Android platform, Galaxy. The product line ranged from mediocre smartphones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread to premium handsets with the same version. It looks as if Samsung […]

Samsung Galaxy S Advance: Hands-on Review (Mobile World Congress 2012)

Samsung announced Galaxy S-series phone, S Advance, at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona. The phone caters to a budget-oriented market segment that can afford some extra cash for HD videos. However, the phone, being the next thing in the S-series with the suffix Advance, was a disappointment in a few features. First off, the […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus: Hands-on Review (Mobile World Congress 2012)

Samsung was touted to be the major contender at the world’s biggest mobile technology event, Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona but due to the some reason the company failed to introduce the next generation smartphones. Majority of the lot belonged to basic to mediocre level handsets that contained Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Galaxy Ace Plus […]

Samsung Galaxy Beam: Hands-on Review (Mobile World Congress 2012)

By far the most advanced smartphone released by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona was the Galaxy Beam. Though the phone has inherited strong genes from the Galaxy family in terms of looks, the most amazing thing that the company has managed to pull off is the projector at the top of the […]


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