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Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 1

We always see futuristic designs from every automaker in the world incorporated in their concept cars, at every auto show. Most of them never even see the light of the day and some are released with major changes to the outlook and specs when they are rolled out of the manufactories. However, the 2012 New […]

Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 2

Infiniti LE Concept Though the car does not have a specific time frame of launch but it is expect to be release next year. With the huge success of Nissan Leaf in the US and Asia, Infiniti, a subsidiary of Nissan, finds it mandatory to release their version of the hybrid as soon as it […]

Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 3

Acura comes to the hybrid car market a little late but its upcoming RLX makes the presence known. Inspired by NSX’s hybrid technology, the new Acura comes with the excellence of Honda’s engineers. The drive system is comprised of a direct-injection V-6 complemented by an electric motor at the front wheels, and dual electric motors […]

Japanese automotive industry shows healthy vitals going into 2012

Japanese automakers showed increase in sales this the year, according to a report published by Santa Monica-based automotive industry analysis organization, The Japan automotive companies had a warm reception this year in the US. Toyota Motors and Nissan Motors had increased sales since April 2011. However, sadly for Honda, the dice roll did not […]

Japanese models lead the top 10 reliable vehicles, American brands still struggle in the competition

Japanese and European brands lead the way in top 100 reliable vehicles of 2011 in the latest survey conducted by Consumer Reports. Over 1.3 Million vehicle owner were surveyed during the research that was conducted in the first quarter of 2011. Only those cars with more than 100 responses were included in the survey. Toyota […]


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