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Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm are the market leaders according to Gartner

The semiconductor industry achieved revenues of 230,000 million (180,000 million) last year, 2.6% less than in 2011, according to data from Gartner. Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm remained among the leaders in the technology sector in this regard, each specializing in their very own field. While Intel, whose shares fell by 3.1%, mainly focuses on computers, Samsung, whose […]

Intel sales and profits fall according to the fourth quarter

Intel, the technology giants, saw a subsequent decline in sale of their chips as the sales declined down 3% during the last quarter comparing to the 5% chips they sold in the previous. The company said that the figure will keep on declining over the next quarter and there is little arguing to the statement […]

Intel Joins war of mobile processors

Intel, the leader in PC processors, remained slow to take the plunge and enter the mobile world. In February, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ??the company announced their intentions to begin equipping Android mobile chips. They fancied the likes of Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, Hindu Lava and Europe, Orange at the conference. The promises of […]

Significant losses disappoints Intel’s Otellini

Intel, the largest chipmaker in the world, has seen an 8% loss in the first nine months of the year. The revenues of the company dropped significantly from 8,600 million dollars to about 6,500 million Euros, from January to September 2012. In regard to the results of the third quarter, Intel has unveiled a net profit […]

AMD, Bluestacks launch AppZone bringing Android apps to Windows

On Thursday, AMD announced the launch of AppZone, an “online showcase” for applications and games which offers access to over 500,000 Android apps, ready to run on AMD-based Windows PCs. The emulation software enabling this crossover was developed by BlueStacks – the company responsible for technology that “married” Android and Apple’s Mac OS in June. […]

Future of fabless semiconductor companies in clouds, a report says

Fabless semiconductor firms are expected to face low demand in their products in the coming months, said a report from Jefferies & Co. Fabless firms develop the designs of semiconductor chips and then outsource the making to other manufacturing firms called foundries. This helps them achieve and maintain premium manufacturing standards. However, their competitors like […]

Western Digital down 3 percent after disappointing guidance report on fiscal first quarter

Western Digital lowered its forecast for the first fiscal quarter ending September 30. The guidance report on the quarter inflicted the stock that was 3 percent down at the end of the week Friday. The company has lowered its forecast on sales from $4.2-$4.3 Billion to $3.9-$4 Billion due to the lack of demand in […]

Intel lowers its third quarter revenue targets after disappointing laptop sales

Intel has lowered its expectations on Q3 revenues after the disappointing sales performance of notebooks. Intel shares were down 1 percent in the pre-market trading after the release of the report. The company lowered the bar 7.3 percent from previously expected $13.8 Billion to $14.8 Billion in sales to $12.9 Billion to $13.5 Billion. “Relative […]

ARM stock falls 9 percent after German bank cuts its ratings due to possible price cuts on chips

Processor technology licensing company, ARM Holdings saw a drop in its stock by 9 percent in afternoon trading on Tuesday. The shares took a dip after Deutsche Bank cut its rating on the stock due to probable price fall in the coming months. Deutsche Bank analyst Kai Korschelt said in a statement that the coming […]

PC chips production will be low next year due to bad global economic health, say IHS and IDC

Semi-conductor chip market is at a three-year low in sales and its production is expected to decline in the coming weeks, probably years due to the decrease in PC demand all over the world. Research firm IHS stated Friday that the production is expected to decrease 0.1 percent this year due to the aggravating global […]

Toshiba cuts Windows RT tablets loose, slates Intel based devices with Windows 8 Pro

Toshiba will join Hewlett-Packard in passing on the first round of tablets based on the RT versions of Windows 8. This follows the confirmation Monday from Microsoft that Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo will debut tablets and/or convertibles (Asus has already announced theirs) based on the version of the Windows 8 that runs on ARM chips. […]

Semi-conductor industry shows prospective year ahead, share prices of major companies rise

The silicon chip market showed a prospective growth in the second calendar quarter 2012 despite the decrease in sales. The stock of most chip makers rose substantially on Friday, August 3, when a report estimated a brighter year for the industry players with increase in sales. Though the sales in June were 2 percent down […]


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