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Number of IPOs increase in September-quarter, technology sector in lead

The technology sector is doing everything to revive the Initial Public Offering market in the US. The latest data shows that the concentration of IPO is more in the technology sector, breathing life into the stock market. Eight technology companies went public in the third quarter ended September 30. Both financial and technology sector had […]

CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook’s bright future

Facebook shares went 7.7 percent up late afternoon Wednesday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview to online technology media site, TechCrunch. The visionary was optimistic about the future of the company. The shares hit the first biggest increase in the market value of the stock at $20.93, after the initial public offering in May […]

Safeway shares up 6 percent after Blackhawk IPO announcement

Safeway, one of the largest grocery store chains in the US, had an ascend in its shares on Wednesday after announcing the probable initial public offering of online payment, gift card and credit card unit Blackhawk. The shares rose 6 percent to a little above $16 at midday after the company reported that it will […]

LinkedIn shares rise as Jefferies upgrades its rating on stock

LinkedIn, the professional social media network, was up 6 percent in afternoon trading on Wednesday, chiefly due to the favourable ratings by investment bank Jefferies & Co. The stock traded a fraction above $114 after the investment bank raised its ratings on LNKD stock from hold to buy. The bank says the company is expected […]

Facebook stock rise 2 percent as CEO Zuckerberg commits to not selling the stock

Facebook shares rose 2 percent in value in afterhours as CEO Mark Zuckerberg and two directors, and major investors in FB shares, said Tuesday in a statement that they do not intend to sell their stock. In an 8-K filing on Tuesday to the Security and Exchange Commission Facebook said that the CEO and other […]

Facebook shares down 4.3 percent after BMO releases a dissuading report

Facebook stock continues to plummet. Traded as FB, the share hit an all-time low midday Friday at $18.25, 4.3 percent down from the previous day. The initial public offering was $38 in May this year and so far the price has gone down almost half of the face value, 52 percent to be exact. The […]

Facebook Smartphone: How should it be a success and resolve all of company’s problems? – Part 1

Facebook IPO show is over now and the results are less than satisfactory for the social network. The credit should go to Mark Zuckerberg what he envisioned in the past why he always opposed the notion of going public. The reasons are apparent as many experts around the globe commented that the Facebook IPO will […]

Facebook Smartphone: How should it be a success and resolve all of company’s problems? – Part 2

However, this strategy is not without a pun, operating system or app, Facebook needs to find an appropriate place to present those valuable adverts that will ultimately help in keeping the machine running. What Zuckerberg and his team of technicians, both hardware and software, are ignoring is the fact that users do not like ads […]

Facebook IPO: Was it a quick success or a slow failure? – Part 1

The Facebook went public on May 18, last Friday and over the period of six days a lot has happened. At the close of business at Nasdaq, FB was trading at $32.05 a share. The stock was made open for the public at the book value of $38 a pop. This is a huge loss […]

Facebook IPO: Was it a quick success or a slow failure? – Part 2

Advertisements on a social network is completely understandable and very consistent for the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook. However, that is the only ‘business’ that Facebook does to date other than charging third-party app developers like Zynga. Though advertisements on Facebook have been embraced by many marketers all over the world, but it is still […]

Facebook IPO: Was it a quick success or a slow failure? – Part 3

These are all the plans that the company could come up and what might realize in the future. But, what about the interim time? The company is in the stock market, not planning to do so. There are risks of high proportions in the stock market that have been beefed up by the 2008 crisis. […]

Facebook IPO: Was it a quick success or a slow failure? – Part 4

Google, the value can be calculated by determining the worth of Android, presence of and its position, value of its other ventures like Google Map, etc. For Facebook, everything stops at Advertisement and third-party apps like Farmville. This is tricky but can be calculated. Terminal Value is where the mind game starts for real. […]


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