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Bezos satisfied with Amazon sales in 2012

Amazon continues with their very own policy ‘to increase sales at the expense of profit’. Last year their turnover grew 27% to over 61,000 million (45,000 million Euros), but suffered a loss of 39 million dollars (29 million Euros), whereas a year ago was $ 631 million (€ 466 million) profit. In their defence, it should […]

Amazon enters musical war with Apple

Amazon has continued market expansion after entering the world of iTunes. The company has opened music store and are offering iOS users with a chance to directly download the iTunes by using safari browser. Their catalog reportedly consists of an install 22 million songs, making it a serious alternative to iTunes and their latest venture could lead to […]

Amazon has best season ever

Amazon has signed the best holiday season according to the survey conducted between the last Thursday in November and on Christmas Day, in their entire history. The online store, which recorded more satisfied customers as compared to their worthy competitors, has sold 26.5 million products at the rate of 305 per second. The device has […]

Amazon launches kindle in Europe

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite 3G are now available in 129 Euros and 189 Euros respectively. The 3G version will be released on November 22, and the one with wifi will hit the shelves later this year. The Paperwhite Kindle, introduced in the U.S. in early September, features a 7.5-inch backlit display with 62% more pixels and […]

Amazon pulls sales of Kindel Fire

"We want to make money from the people who use our services, the purchasing of our products." Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, to justify the prices of their machines and the business strategy that, was quoted as saying. Amazon pulls prices and its strategy emphasizes that the device is not the end in itself but […]

The grand scheme of Amazon, take it with a grain of salt – Part 2

Like Jeff Bezos was once quoted saying that, everything is a part of Amazon’s grand strategy and contemporary stand-offs don’t matter as long as the grand schema is not disturbed. That is why,  the company did not break a sweat on controversial price comparing app and Occupy Amazon On Facebook and Twitter. Many companies take […]

The grand scheme of Amazon, take it with a grain of salt – Part 1 is not only regarded as the first online business to cater the book business but they are also attributed as the best strategists in all businesses. Over the years, the company has shown that, no matter what the scenario is, they come up with a new strategy that changes the overall modus operandi. Amazon […]


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