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BMW M5 2013: Full Review – Part 1

Bimmers tend to be dual-personality cars, going from mild-mannered premium vehicle to road-eating beast at the push of a button or three. But the 2013 BMW M5 is mostly brutish Mr. Hyde, with only a little bit of refined Dr. Jekyll in evidence. BMW includes all sorts of creature comforts in the M5, such as […]

BMW M5 2013: Full Review – Part 2

The 2013 M5 is one potent road machine, even more so than the M3. If you don’t live near a good racetrack that hosts track days, don’t buy one; 99 percent of its potential will go to waste. And drivers who think sports cars and technology don’t mix should also steer clear, as the M5 […]

BMW M5 2013: Full Review – Part 3

Push the three performance-setting buttons on the console once, and the M5 goes into Sport mode. The suspension takes on a notably stiffer quality, the wheel tightens up, giving more road feedback through its hydraulic power-steering boost, and the gas pedal becomes a more sensitive instrument. These settings work best for serpentine back roads with […]


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