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Dell XPS 14 (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Dell released the new mid-size ultrabook with a thin structure, beautiful body and a high-res 14-inch display in the new XPS 14. The new laptop uses the third-generation Core i-series processors and discrete graphics from NVIDIA. This has somehow become a norm in the laptop manufacturing community to couple the new processors with latest GPUs […]

Dell XPS 14 (2012): Full Review – Part 2

The laptop comes in aluminium body that is amalgamated with magnesium alloy in the wrist rest area. The thin chassis is just about the minimum qualification for earning the Ultrabook badge from Intel. The white-ish exterior is matched in high contrast with the black island-style keyboard that is now a regular sight in ultrabooks and […]

Dell XPS 14 (2012): Full Review – Part 3

There is no optical drive and that is the matter to think that even in the absence  of an optical drive both MacBook Pro 15 incher and XPS 14 are heavier than they look. All the required ports and slots are available in the device. There USB 3.0, DisplayPort and HDMI available in the new […]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Over priced and hard to find – Part 1

Ordering the new MacBook online takes three to four weeks before shipping and the other way is to waive off your house luxuries The new MacBook Pro 2012 is overpriced, starting at $2199 and comes in only two denominations. Though it has the eye-candied Retina Display but still its price goes overboard in many respects. […]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Over priced and hard to find – Part 2

Another reason why the Apple product is not sparsely available in the market is that it is available in only two denominations and both are 15-inch versions. The base model with a quad-core Core i7 Ivy Bridge CPU, clocked at 2.3 GHz, is available at $2199 and the high-end device with the same processor, clocked […]

Sony Vaio F (Complete Review) – Part 1

Sony has always been one of the best laptop manufacturers in the market with the state-of-the-art circuitry and beautiful structures. However, the company has been lagging behind in the gaming category, with only a handful of notebooks in the market, dedicated to gaming. Dell XPS, Alienware and Macbook Pro/Air have ruled such niche. But this […]

Sony Vaio F (Complete Review) – Part 2

The system’s silhouette is very distinctive; the body and lid are both wider at their tops, narrowing below. The effect, as seem from the side, is of two trapezoids stacked on top of each other. Also note that the base has a larger overall footprint than the lid, so the two halves don’t clamshell together […]

Sony Vaio F (Complete Review) – Part 3

Sony does, however, pack a decent amount of extra software into the system, and unlike previous years where Sony was well-known as a bloatware king, there are a few apps on here that are real gems. They are easiest to find through the Vaio Gate shortcut bar that floats along the top edge of the […]

Sony Vaio F (Complete Review) – Part 4

While the various preset configurations keep changing and disappearing, Sony currently has the customizable version of this system for sale on its website, and it’s worth noting that even the $1,049 base model includes a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU. The 1080p screen is also standard, and a 3D compatible version is also available—we reviewed […]

Apple’s iPad with a physical keyboard: A peripheral that cannot be neglected – Part 1

Apple’s flagship tablet, the iPad comes with the best specifications in the market and one of the best touch screens among its peers. With a host of applications, compatible with the iOS 4 and 5 on the slate, it is by far the most attractive device out there. In addition to being the assistant in […]

Apple’s iPad with a physical keyboard: A peripheral that cannot be neglected – Part 2

However, these new devices do not come without downsides of their own. They lack a mouse track pad as the whole screen is touch sensitive. Furthermore, they also do not support full string of keystroke commands albeit cut, copy and paste. Only one company can be expected to release a fully compatible device like the […]

More news on Apple’s releases during 2012 – Part 1

The start of the New Year made way for more Apple rumours and the company has been targeted on numerous fronts. First prediction is regarding the Consumer Electronic Show 2012 that starts this Monday, January 9, and Apple is rumoured to showcase some new products and services at the event. The Cupertino-based outfit is expected […]


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