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UN reveals Greenhouse gases hitting new record


It was revealed by UN that the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have hit a record high in the year 2012 and now they are growing by the day. The reports read: “Concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide reached new highs last year.”

iPhone 2012 will be bigger and thinner, according to a source who revealed iPad specs before release

It is iPhone’s turn now to be in the rumours these days. With the iPad 3, which eventually turned out to be the New iPad, fiasco dropped upon its release and the recently-becoming sweetheart of the news, Samsung Galaxy S III’s launch, the rumour mill has been directly in the iPhone’s direction. In recent developments, […]

Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 1

We always see futuristic designs from every automaker in the world incorporated in their concept cars, at every auto show. Most of them never even see the light of the day and some are released with major changes to the outlook and specs when they are rolled out of the manufactories. However, the 2012 New […]

Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 2

Infiniti LE Concept Though the car does not have a specific time frame of launch but it is expect to be release next year. With the huge success of Nissan Leaf in the US and Asia, Infiniti, a subsidiary of Nissan, finds it mandatory to release their version of the hybrid as soon as it […]

Automobiles expected in 2013 – Hint: New York Auto Show – Part 3

Acura comes to the hybrid car market a little late but its upcoming RLX makes the presence known. Inspired by NSX’s hybrid technology, the new Acura comes with the excellence of Honda’s engineers. The drive system is comprised of a direct-injection V-6 complemented by an electric motor at the front wheels, and dual electric motors […]

New Technologies and Energy Catala files a complaint against Apple, Inc. for abuse of public image

The Valencian company, New Technologies and Energy Catala, SL has launched this week a criminal complaint on extortion against Apple. The U.S. firm had obtained an injunction to halt imports of the tablet manufactured by Valencian. However, eventually Apple lost the case which asserted on the infringing its patents that were allegedly directed at Valencian. […]

Bollywood celebrities give ‘Agneepath’ thumbs up

Bollywood celebrities give ‘Agneepath’ thumbs up   Karan Malhotra’s much-anticipated film ‘Agneepath’ is all set to hit the cinemas on January 26, 2012 but a special screening of the movie was held last night and a many B-town celebrities came to watch the film and as expected, they all liked the movie a lot. Moreover, […]

Industries in Punjab promised for perked up supply of natural gas shortly

With multiple sectors industrial sectors and domestic user in Punjab suffering from a limited supply of gas, the Ministry of Petroleum has assured that the delivery of gas will improve shortly. Dr. Asim Hussian, Minister of petroleum, made a commitment on Friday to reinforce the prior schedule of gas suspension of just two days a […]


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