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Drone strike kills two in North Waziristan

At least three persons have been killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan near the Afghan border. According to the media reports, the spy attack targeted a vehicle in the Khaider Khel area of Mir Ali district, the major town of North Waziristan. A security official while speaking to the media said that […]

Cameron Munter urges long-term ties with Islamabad

Underscoring the enhancement of people-to-people contact, former US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has urged for a broader approach to fostering long-term ties between Pakistan and the United States. While addressing a think-thank, the former envoy emphasized the need for Washington and Islamabad to come out of the competing narratives that fault the other for […]

Drone strike killed three in North Waziristan

A US drone attack targeted a vehicle on Saturday morning, killing at least four persons in North Waziristan, the bordering area of Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to the media reports, the attack took place in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan, targeting a moving vehicle. The unmanned plane hurled four missiles at the militant’s […]

US drone strike killed five in North Waziristan

Brushing aside the continued demand of Islamabad, a US drone attack Saturday targeted a militant compound, killing at least five people in Degan, the area of North Waziristan bordering with Afghanistan. According to the media reports, three people were also reported to have been injured in the attack. It is vital to mention here that […]

US drone strike killed eight in North Waziristan

Putting aside the protest lodged by Islamabad, the United States carried out fourth drone strike in one week in North Waziristan, killing at least eight people on Friday. According to the security officials, the unmanned US aircraft fired two missiles on a militant’s hideouts in Dare Nastar area of Tehsil Shawal of Pakistan’s north western […]

Pakistan receives $1.1 billion from United States under Coalition Support Fund

After a lot of talk and wait, the United States has finally released $1.1 billion to Pakistan of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), the first installment of its kind since December 2010. The United States released the funds after Islamabad and Washington inked an agreement governing Ground Line of Communications (GLoC) for NATO forces battling […]

Resumption of NATO supply in interests of Islamabad, Kabul: Hina Rabbani Khar

Terming the resumption of NATO supply-line not only in the interest of Islamabad but also Kabul, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that the stability in the region was interlinked. While interviewing, she was of the opinion that peaceful Afghanistan was in the interest of the country. She observed, “The fundamental cause leading to difficulties […]

Resumption of NATO supplies on Independence Day

Some analysts rightly interpreted Pakistan’s decision to resume NATO supply-line as its gift to the United States on its Independence Day. Islamabad not only restored the supply-line but also granted some crucial concessions to the US on the eve of American National Day. Interestingly, Islamabad has decided not to impose any extra transit fee on […]

First shipment of NATO containers crosses into Afghanistan

After a seven-month of blockage, a couple of NATO trucks carrying supplies for allied forces crossed into Afghanistan on Thursday. On Wednesday, Islamabad allowed western countries to use its land route to supply troops battling in Afghanistan after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said sorry over the losses Pakistan army suffered in the NATO […]

Washington should offer apology to Islamabad: Senator

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairperson of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, urged the United States to apologize from Pakistan, saying that mistakes were made on both sides. While speaking during a hearing of Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defence, she called upon the Obama administration to apologize to Islamabad for Salala check-posts attack on November 26, 2011 […]

USA finalizes its National Tourism and Travel Strategy

USA finalizes its National Tourism and Travel Strategy Today the Obama Administration unveiled the National Tourism and Travel Strategy, a long-term roadmap for America’s travel and tourism industry that aims to attract and welcome 100 million international visitors annually by the end of 2021. The National Strategy will bolster job creation through a range of […]

Federal Reserve Bank replies to the Republican’s letter

Since the Obama administration took over the House of Presidency, The White House, government has been fiddling with US economy with so-called innovative and unconventional methods. Although it was not the Obama regime that brought the US economy to its knees, the War on Terror and investment banking’s love affair with real estate and derivatives-driven […]


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