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DotA: Anub’arak, the Nerubian Assassin

There are a lot of heroes that strike fear in the heart of their enemies in Defence of the Ancients, more commonly referred to as DotA, but there is hardly any hero as fearsome as the Nerubian Assassin, an agility melee hero found in the Scourge’s cavern. Also known as Anub’arak, the Nerubian Assassin starts […]

Free-to-play games doing great, Zynga tarnishing the model’s image, believes SOE president

Reputation of free-to-play games tarnished due to the social game maker’s mishandling of model, believes company’s president John Smedley. Free-to-play gaming has been growing in popular in recent years, with more and more publishers developing interest in the model and reaping the benefits that it offers. During a recent interview with PC Gamer, Sony Online […]

Zynga plans to write off OMGPOP, lowers its revenue forecast for Q3

The creator of Farmville, Zynga released the guidance for third quarter earnings on Thursday, citing lower revenues for the term due to lack of interest in its online games. Moreover, the company also announced that it will write down in tune of $95 Million as impairment charges on its recently purchased game developing company OMGPOP. […]


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