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WB president Jim Yong Kim visits Africa

WASHINGTON, August 30, 2012 – World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim will visit Africa in his first official visit outside the U.S. since taking up his new position in July 2012. He will visit Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa September 4-6 to meet with national leaders, government ministers, women leaders and young people, along […]

Upper-tunity, why the elite will always win

When it comes to the distribution of resources, the upper or elite class of Pakistan will always have the first say, meaning limited opportunities for the rest of nation. There is no hiding the fact that diplomats, bureaucrats or the elite in Pakistan are the ones who dictate the policies and influence the goings on […]

Digital Divide – Part Three

Digital Divide – Part Three Continued from the previous part … We cannot compare a student who has all the facilities available like computer, internet etc with a student who lives in a small town and does not even know how to use a computer. Because of the Digital Divide, it has become extremely hard […]

Digital Divide – Part Two

Digital Divide – Part Two Technology is always changing and progressing and along with that, so does its use in education. There used to be a time when technology was used only by teachers as a means for teaching, but now its use has fallen upon students as well. As far as teaching is concerned […]

Digital Divide – Part One

Digital Divide – Part One The Digital Divide is most commonly defined as “the gap between those individuals and communities that have, and those who do not have, access to the information technologies that are changing our lives rapidly”. Technology has become the driving force of change in the world today. It has altered our […]


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