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Jamie Finn expects “TU me” to be successful

Telefonica has announced their new service that will enable the users to make free calls as compared to consolidated applications WhatsApp or Skype. The Spanish multinational surpassed different challenges on their way. The first challenge was to attract their huge customer base, over 250 million in 25 countries. However, Telefonica has promised to preinstall TU me at all terminals marketed […]

Telefonica launches new application

Telefonica has decided to make a deal with popular services such as Skype and WhatsApp to facilitating the sending of messages and free calls over the phone. The Spanish operator launches “TU me”, a free application that allows mobile users to exchange text messages and voice calls, and share photos or information about their location. To […]

EU launches plan to make the internet safer for children

The European Commission (EC) today unveiled an alliance with telecommunication companies and social networks to improve the protection of minors on the Internet. This is basically to promote the creation of educational content for children and attractive tools to easily report abuse or harassment, and the development of useful technology for the police in their fight against […]

Movistar offers attractive discounts

Movistar will start the marketing campaign for their latest promotional offer for their respective customers by offering them used mobile phones under their newly introduced loyalty policy of their customers. This initiative has recently been announced by the President of Telefonica in Spain, Luis Miguel Gilpérez.  The president is eager to give better deals to existing customers […]

Ancient Permian ecosystem reconstructed by scientists from ash-covered plants

Ancient Permian ecosystem reconstructed by scientists from ash-covered plants A group of Paleoecologists have successfully constructed a Permian-era swampy frost filled with extinct plant species with the help of fossils that were entombed in a layer of volcanic ash in northern China under a coal mine. Though most of the species are already know, the […]


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