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Lexmark says it will downsize by 1,700 jobs in restructuring to explore more of the inkjet market

Lexmark, the printer makers, announced on Monday that they will probe deeper into the inkjet printer market more and will undergo downsizing by a volume of 1,700 jobs. The company has seen a slow growth in consumer and corporate market and its share price has paid the toll. Lexmark, trading under LXK has seen a […]

HP releases quarterly earnings for the third fiscal term, share fall 6%

Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently announced its quarterly earnings to the public and the beleaguering income statement took a hit in the stock market immediately.  HPQ share price fell 6 percent in the early trading on Thursday. Many experts are of the opinion that the loss-evident financial summary of the third fiscal quarter is a clear statement […]

Will Oracle make a move to help HP? – Part 1

The beleaguering Hewlett-Packard’s stock prices are on the downward slope since last year and one of major reasons is the lacklustre output in the enterprise software solution market that is mostly governed by the likes of Oracle and Microsoft. However, the company is also facing tremendous pressure in hardware department as Oracle’s acquisition of Sun […]

Will Oracle make a move to help HP? – Part 2

One thing that hasn’t changed: HP’s stock price, which is within a single penny of its price back when the Post story came out last summer. Maybe what HP really needs here is a big dose of Larry. There are all sort of delicious elements to the idea of Oracle buying HP.  Larry’s right-hand man […]


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