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Alibaba finalizes first round of repurchasing its stock from Yahoo

Alibaba Group announced in a statement that it has finished the first round of repurchase of Yahoo’s stake in the company. The transaction will stream $7.6 Billion in Yahoo’s direction. China’s largest online retail and B2B giant announced on May 20 jointly with Yahoo that it will reduce the US-based web portal’s stake in Alibaba […]

Yahoo says it will pay back most of the proceeds to shareholders

Yahoo, Inc. announced that it will pay back 85 percent of the proceeds from $7.6 billion sale of half its stake in China’s Alibaba Group. The company released the statement on Tuesday after finalizing the deal. A few months ago the company said that it might pay back all of the proceeds but tracked back […]

Textile exports drop by 14 per cent in October

Textile exports drop by 14 per cent in October Textile and clothing exports of Pakistan have suffered a significant decline in the past one year, falling by 14 per cent as compared to the figures of last October. The fall of one of the major exports of the country has sent waves of fears to […]


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