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Father Of Fallen Soldier Lashes Out At Trump During Convention

A father of a Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq laid a question before Donald Trump: Have you read the Constitution? At the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on Thursday, to loud ovations, Pakistan-born Khizr Khan strongly blasted the billionaire businessman, claiming that if Trump were left to his devices, his son would never have […]

US Congressman says Obama will legalize undocumented immigrants

Luis Gutierrez

Unites States (US) Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez has told attendees of the National Council of La Raza this Saturday, July 19, 2014 at Los Angeles Convention Center that he is optimistic President Barack Obama will grant legal status to those immigrants who entered the country illegally. The Congressman also blasted the Republicans for blocking the […]

Unemployment Insurance duration is one of main problems for joblessness in the US – Part 2

Therefore, the House Republican are in the process of getting a bill passed that will force the employer to take a drug test of applicant for possible drug use. Moreover, the bill assert on the high-school drop-outs to get a General Education Development (GED) degree. This step will have two benefits. It will give the […]

Unemployment Insurance duration is one of main problems for joblessness in the US – Part 1

Unemployment is becoming a big concern for the US government of late. In 2011, it climbed up to 25 percent becoming the biggest challenge for the Upper House and Congress. The government does not want to mirror Great Depression state in the country again. However, the cause of the problem does not fall in the […]

Federal Reserve Bank replies to the Republican’s letter

Since the Obama administration took over the House of Presidency, The White House, government has been fiddling with US economy with so-called innovative and unconventional methods. Although it was not the Obama regime that brought the US economy to its knees, the War on Terror and investment banking’s love affair with real estate and derivatives-driven […]


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