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Roof Collapses in Faisalabad, Leaves 7 Dead

Roof Collapse

In a recently incident which have taken place in Faisalabad, 7 people were found dead under the rubble as roof of a house collapsed. Amongst these 7 people, there were 4 children and their mother. The house belonged to Idrees and the incident took place early in the morning while most of the people are […]

Bus accident leaves 5 dead in Bannu


A bus travelling from Bannu to Lahore met with an ill fate as the driver could not get hold of the speed and the bus overturned on the side of the motorway. The accident took place near Manjhiwal and the police reported how the bus was travelling to the capital city of Punjab. Five people […]

More than 50 arrested in Karachi after police raids


After the police switched into action, 50 criminals were arrested during raids which were conducted during the last 24 hours in the city of Karachi. Police reported that 9 of the wanted men were caught during the last day and 31 accused were also taken into custody. The equipment which was recovered from the suspects […]

Good versus evil an unfair battle

We often find ourselves wondering why people such as ourselves end up losing while we strive to do good deeds and stay virtuous, whereas the people with weak moral s and a pretty frail conscience end up walking away with success and happiness. The explanation for this is very simple. Good and virtuous people value […]

Cast your vote if you want to bring change

In democracy, change comes through different ways and mostly with an evolutionary process where a trend is set by starting a clear voting process. In other words, democracy is the refection of the people‚Äôs desires. In most countries, elections attract enormous public attention and this is not surprising as these political exercises constitute the heart […]

Women should know about their rights

Every human being has certain indisputable rights that must be delivered in a way so that they have a positive effect on human lives enabling them to live better and more fulfilling lives. The world is globalizing very rapidly and scientific innovations have emerged as a phenomenon for development. Although the flow of information is […]

Old faces with new promises

When elections are up in coming, the most incompetent political leaderships change at such times and they talk politics less and more the people’s welfare. The present lot remains obsessed with its dirty politics as zestfully as in the past. They seem thinking our people eat politics, breathe politics and dream politics, which certainly they […]

Increasing depression in society

Suffering from a mental disorder is like going through hell but the public in our society is not well aware of these disarrays. There are people who are affected by depression and live an upsetting life without even getting treatment while there are those who are extremely aggressive and physically abuse their family members and […]

Drug abuse among women in Pakistan

Drug abuse among women in Pakistan Most of the people in Pakistan normally think only men are involved in the drug abuse but according to the latest reports substance abuse has also been found pretty common among the women in urban Pakistan. The Ministry of Narcotics Control last Tuesday shared a research study by the […]


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