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After-24 hour blackout what did Wikipedia accomplish..?

So, the 24-hour blackout is over and the site returned to normal. Means we can once again use Wikipedia’s free information that United States authorities do not like for their own reasons.   Anyway, a question arises, what did Wikipedia’s day-long blackout accomplish? Before going into details, read below the official statement by the Wikipedia […]

‘Saadat Hasan will die one day, but ‘Manto’ will never die’

Pakistan’s revolutionary literary icon, Saadat Hasan Manto, whose fifty-seventh death anniversary is today (Wednesday), not only enriched Urdu literature to a greater extent, but inclined writers to look into the psyche of humankind. He was not only the leading Urdu short-story writer of the twentieth century but also a journalist, critic and film writer. He […]


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