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Jessie J: Constructive criticism is important

‘The Voice’ judge has insisted that constructive criticism to contestants is very important as they need to know what is required of them. She admitted that there have been differences with her fellow judges but they end once the show ends. The singer has been regularly booed by audiences for criticising contestants after their performances. […]

Danny O’Donoghue blasts X Factor

‘The Script’ singer has launched an attack on the rival show after comments from Simon Cowell claiming that the BBC show is a rip-off of the X Factor. Cowell stated that his show and ‘The Voice’ have great similarity and admitted that BBC has copied their show to gain popularity. O’Donoghue responded to critics claiming […]

Simon Cowell: ‘The Voice’ is similar to ‘X Factor’

The TV Mogul claimed that BBC’s show ‘The Voice’ is a rip-off of his show ‘The X Factor’. He insisted that there is nothing new about the show and is confident that ‘The X Factor’ will definitely be leading the ratings once it starts later this year. Cowell insisted that ‘The Voice’ has a lot […]

Cee Lo Green: I have no plans to quit ‘The Voice’

The singer has insisted that he has no plans to quit the reality show in the near future. There were rumours surrounding that the singer will not be part of the show from next season onwards as he has some commitments to fulfil. However, Cee Lo has denied any such reports and has claimed that […]

Danny O’Donoghue: Nobody expected ‘The Voice’ success

‘The Script’ singer, Danny O’Donoghue, expressed his delight in the UK version of ‘The Voice’ and insisted that not many had expected the level of success the show has had in the past few weeks. The singer added that the show has been leading the popularity charts and is delighted to have been art of […]

Christina Aguilera confirms duet with Cee Lo

The Grammy award winning singer confirmed that she will be collaborating with Cee Lo Green for a song from her new album titled LP. She cleared the rumours and admitted that there is one song which will feature Cee Lo also. Christian Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are both judges of ‘The Voice’, which is […]

Simon Cowell concerned with ‘The Voice’ success

The TV mogul is reportedly concerned with the huge success of ‘The Voice UK’ and is not happy with the plunging rating of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ this season. ‘The Voice’ was a huge hit in the US last year and has been brought to Britain this season with the likes of Jessie J, Sir Tom […]

Jessie J: I do not want to do the X Factor

The English singer claimed that she wants to continue doing ‘The Voice’ and admitted that she has no plans to switch to the rival show. Simon Cowell expressed his desire to see the singer on his show for the next season last week but Jessie has rejected the offer claiming that she does not want […]

Jessica Hammond: ‘The Voice’ is better than ‘X Factor’

British singer Jessica Hammond has claimed that BBC’s ‘The Voice’ is much better than ITV’s reality show ‘X Factor’. The singer, who first auditioned for the latter but could not go through, has qualified for the next round in ‘The Voice’. She will be mentored by Jessie J in the next round after the contestant […]

David Grace sings ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ on ‘The Voice’

David Grace, a 28-year-old former college football player from Sante Fe, Texas, performed Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama for his blind audition on ‘The Voice’. Grace revealed after his audition that though he grew up playing football, he has been playing guitar and singing songs for the past three years. “I grew up playing football. […]


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