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LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 1

LG Electronics introduced a new Android smartphone, LG Optimus Vu, in Korea this week. Though the phone had been making news since its official launch back in February, 2012, it is entirely a different thing to hold the phone physically. The new Vu is a different phone in a number of features but the most […]

LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 2

For its size, LG has kept the phone’s weight at bay. It is not as heavy as one would anticipate at first look. At 6.08 ounces it is not the lightest device in the market but for its footprint it does give a good satisfying feel. At 5.5 inches height and 3.5 inches width with […]

LG Optimus Vu (2012): Full Review – Part 3

Moreover, there e-reader applications from LG in addition to some games, though most of them are Korean-versions. Included inside the chassis is a GSM radio, FM/AM radio and a television transmitter. In addition to these old and standard organs, LG also provides an NFC chip with two gold antennae. Though Android Beam is an ICS-exclusive […]


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