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Warid Telecom Jumping into 4G


It was recently revealed that Pakistan has sold 3G and 4G licences to different telecom companies that are operating within the country. Besides Warid Telecom, all the other telecom companies were able to get their hands on a license. The first 4G license was given to Zong, who were the underdogs in the bidding. They […]

Pakistan to go 3G in March, 2012

Pakistan’s largest cellular service provider, Mobilink has shown interest to bid for the 3g telecommunications services. Rashid Khan, the president of Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited also known as Mobilink briefed the media that the firm is considering to bid for the license. He briefed, the firm “is evaluating the information memorandum of 3G spectrum and […]

Pakistan’s cellular networks to apply obscene text message ban from today

Pakistan’s cellular networks to apply obscene text message ban from today Pakistan’s mobile operators were Sunday scrambling to block text messages containing any of over 1,600 " obscene" terms banned by the country’s telecoms authority ahead of a Monday deadline. The list, including words from "quickie" to "fairy" to "Jesus Christ" and obtained by AFP, […]

The Fantastic Five: Top cell phone service providers in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country facing so many hurdles through its way. There are few areas where our nation has progressed at a very fast speed and cell phone industry is one of them. Cell phone networks in Pakistan are very advance and it is only because of the vast subscriber base that new companies […]


DECEPTIVE MARKETING in Telecom Sector There is intense competition in our telecom sector and while companies fight for market share, it is the customer that is made to suffer through deceptive techniques. Ufone’s UWon Package, Zong’s 50 paisa call, Mobilink’s JazzOne package, Telenor’s 7 hours in 7 Rupees and Warid’s 60 paisa call on all […]


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