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Pakistan warns attack on Syria to destabilize region

Pakistan Thursday warned that any military attack on Syria will have serious consequences and plunge the already volatile region into deeper conflict. Foreign Office Spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said the approach to address the Syrian situation should be guided by principles enshrined in the UN charter like respect for sovereignty‚ territorial integrity‚ non interference in […]

Pakistan rejects fears over CIA intelligence surveillance activities

Pakistan on Tuesday rejected fears over the security of its nuclear programme following American media reports that the United States has intensified surveillance of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and tries to evaluate the loyalty of Pakistani counter terrorism agents recruited by the CIA. “Washington Post” reports that the documents available with the paper reveal broad new […]

US drone strikes decrease in Pakistan in 2012: Report

Figures compiled by a Washington-based think tank pointed out a decrease in the number of covert U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan for the second year in a row.   Based on its compilation of reports in international media, the New America Foundation said that 46 strikes were carried out in Pakistan in 2012, compared to […]

US Presidential Elections: Barack Obama thanks Mitt Romney for campaign

President Barack Obama congratulated his Republican rival Mitt Romney for waging a “spirited campaign, saying he expects to have a good night by the end of Election Day. Obama spent the day in his hometown Chicago meeting with volunteers and calling some of them personally to thank them for their work, before he hosts a […]

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney struggling for final push

With less than 48 hours remaining in what it feels like the longest election race ever, President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters and are engaged in a heated exchange of words in their final leg of campaigning. The two contenders have flooded the […]


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