2012 Toyota Vitz to take over the older version in December or January

Toyota announced its new addition to hatch-back family, the all-new 2012 Yaris, more commonly known as Vitz in Pakistan, on Wednesday. The new economical vehicle has been given some tweaks in the front grill and the side-skirts. The new spoiler has been added to the boot-side of the car.

The 2012 model is approximately 10 cm longer than its elder brother. However, the overall look still gives the impression of an economical small-sized hatch-back that will cater to the medium and upper-medium class in Pakistan.

With no more noticeable changes in the outlook of the car, the attention is quickly diverted to the interior, which has been given a massive make-over in some departments.

The front dash-board panel that includes the speedometer and several other gauges have been shifted to the driver’s seat for clearer visibility. It seems that Toyota has given up the innovative family-oriented centrally docked speedometer after all.

A new steering wheel has been added upfront with remote controls to the stereo and other gadgets added to the new version. The stereo itself has been revamped with addition of a USB port and an auxiliary cable input. The overall quality has also been enhanced for better listening.

Under the hood, resides a 1.3 litre engine that churns out 86 horsepower to the front wheels. The 86 horses are managed to appropriate driving with a computer-added 4-speed automatic transmission.

However, the 1.3 L engine does little good to the car in terms of speed which means that the company has stuck to the family-oriented hatch back concept.

On the plus side, the seating space in the front is ample for two people bearing a 6-foot frame. For the first time, the knees don’t knock on the dash board every time the brakes are applied a little harder. However, Pakistan is home to speed-breakers awfully designed at best. Therefore, the leg space is yet to get a fair response from the Pakistani market.

The boot carries ample space to put in a month’s groceries at one time but the folding seats do not exactly give the room of an estate car.

The car is expected to harbour in Pakistan at the end of 2011 or January 2012. The new looks and a wider range of colours are expected to conjure up a lot of public’s attention but the all-new price might force them to have second thoughts. The 2012 version is expected to empty around PKR 1,300,000 to 1,400,000 from the pockets of Vitz fans.