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Google announces possible layoffs at its Motorola Mobility unit

Google announced on Thursday that it will be downsizing at its newly acquired Motorola Mobility from third quarter through fourth. The steps are taken in the light of increasing additional costs to the company. In a regulatory filing Thursday, Google said it continues “to refine its planned restructuring actions and now expects to broaden those […]

Pandora listenership increases over the years, report says

Pandora Media keeps the hot streak running by increasing listenership to its internet radio service. The world’s top-most-listened radio service announced in a report that the service has seen a exponential increase in listener hours in September, over a span of one year. The company released the report on Thursday filled with all the figures. […]

Facebook reaches a billion monthly users, report says

Facebook reached the pinnacle of social networking by grabbing attention of a billion people around the world. The company has registered 1 Billion monthly global users, a recent report said. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also there to comment on the milestone achieved. “Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing […]

Zynga plans to write off OMGPOP, lowers its revenue forecast for Q3

The creator of Farmville, Zynga released the guidance for third quarter earnings on Thursday, citing lower revenues for the term due to lack of interest in its online games. Moreover, the company also announced that it will write down in tune of $95 Million as impairment charges on its recently purchased game developing company OMGPOP. […]

Google settles legal suit with AAP on circulation of copyrighted titles

Google has reached a legal settlement with Association of American Publishers on the copyrights infringement case. Both parties made a joint statement after settling the matter. The AAP has agreed to publish their copyrighted books on Google’s digital library, Google Books, for free whether it has copyright protection or otherwise, the statement said. Both parties […]

Sprint might have a shy on MetroPCS or bring Leap under its banner: Analysts’ opinion

Deutsche Telekom’s latest bid to merge its daughter company T-Mobile with MetroPCS has dealt a blow on Sprint Nextel’s value. The third largest wireless carrier in the US walked away from a possible acquisition of MetroPCS in February this year. However, still analysts expect a bid from Sprint on MetroPCS. The two companies, T-Mobile and […]

Amazon increases its cloud market by launching Cloud Drive in Italy and Spain

Amazon launches yet another service to its international customers. The vital thing left in its ecosystem—for consumers outside the US—was its own cloud service and now it is up and running. Cloud Drive has only been launched in a select-few countries but the expansion is expected soon. Quickly following the Cloud Drive’s launch in Britain, […]

Amazon options movie rights to SEED author Ania Ahlborn

Amazon has offered option of movie rights to Ania Ahlborn, the author of horror/suspense ‘SEED’. Amazon is making headway in bringing up its original content in its ecosystem through its division Amazon Studios. Since the launch of Kindle Fire devices last year, the company has been targeted by experts for the lack of original content. […]

Netflix up on stocks after getting encouraging reviews from analysts

Netflix, the online video service provider was up 8 percent in the stock market after receiving positive analyst reviews. The company has mostly been on a slide down from $300-plus, a year ago, and currently trades at the $61 due to uncertainty in the consumer market. However, some of the analysts have observed some changes […]

Apple expected to release new iPad Mini at the end of October

A new product from Apple is in news again. However, this time its something that will materialize for the first time. The long rumoured Apple iPad Mini is reported to be in mass production in Asia. One of the suppliers spilled the beans on the new product, as reported by Wall Street Journal. The paper […]

T-Mobile – MetroPCS deal finalizes, Deutsche Telekom takes majority stake in the fusion

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS have struck a deal on a merger under the supervision of T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom. The European telecommunications giant will own majority of the stake in the merged business. The deal was announced on Tuesday. Deutsche Telekom will grab 74 percent stake in the merger while MetroPCS Communications owners will […]

Google and Apple on fast track in capturing consumer market, says report

Google and Apple are giving other smartphone makers a run for their lives by gouging out their market shares. A latest report suggests that Apple is growing faster than even Google in capturing mobile phone market. Google remains second in terms of growth. The report from research firm ComScore says that Google’s Android operating system […]

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