Obaid-Chinoy’s “Saving Faces” nominated for Academy award

Pakistan-based documentarian, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s latest venture, a documentary film “Saving Faces” has been nominated in the Academy Awards in the category of Best Documentary.

The Motion Pictures Academy of the United States honoured the Pakistani film producer by promulgating elect-list a few days ago. The final list of the nominations is to be released on February 26, 2012. Although, the final list is yet to be announced which can go either side, Obaid-Chinoy felt honoured with the preliminary announcement.

“You can come from anywhere but if you produce quality work, you will be noticed and appreciated,” she said.

The documentary film talks about the story of two southern-Punjab women who became the victims of the acid violence. In the aftermaths of the incidents the film tells the story about the proceedings in the Pakistani parliament regarding a law against perpetrators of such fascist acts.

According to the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill, the punishment for the above mentioned crime is life time imprisoned. Sharmeen has well portrayed the voices of hundreds of women that fell victim to this unjustifiable incident.

The first ever Pakistani to win an Emmy award talked about the movie in a fair words that it is educational in nature. The new flick has depicted Pakistan in a positive manner, explained Obaid-Chinoy.

A British-Pakistani doctor came to Pakistan to treat the victims and also discusses parliament actions in depth. The full scenario has been filmed in depth to give a clear story of the incidents.

The new movie is set to be released in the US in November and will rock the UK cinemas in March next year. However, its release in Pakistan has not been finalized yet. When asked about the belated release in her own country the director said: “There is really no documentary market here in Pakistan. Documentaries are not produced on a large scale.”

Obaid-Chinoy started her film-production career in 2002 when she produced Terror’s Childern under the banner of New York Times Television. Her documentary Pakistan: Children of Taliban won the Emmy Award last year.