Art is back in Youth Performing Arts Festivals in Alhamra Cultural Complex

Mesmerising Music and inspiring performances are being presented in the ongoing five days long 10th Youth Performing Festival arranged by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Ferozpur Road.

Netherlands and the Alhamra Arts Council Lahore is supporting this years’ performing festival while a newspaper is the media partner of the huge entertaining event which is celebrated each for the youth of this terrorism plagued country. Many numerous colourful activities are being valued by Rafi Peer Theatre, a biggest youth theatre of the country. A combination of youthful events and expertise of Rafi Peer Theatres beautifies this event like a twinkling bead in the necklace.

In five days long schedule for the event many different schools, including Sicas and City Schools, and famous higher education institutions of the town are presenting impressive drama performance. The students from higher institutions like Lahore College University for Women, FC college, University of the Central Punjab, Punjab University, National College of Arts, and Allama Iqbal Medical College  presented their well written documentaries and short films, equipped with artistic productions.

After all these fascinating concerts, many mesmerising special events will take place at 8pm every night. Many well established and new singers will present their performance in the Music Night, young lads will enjoy the Dance night and Music Gala along with Rock night.

Sicas and the City School opened the event with the watchful performance on the Tuesday evening. A large number of youth, including students of many schools and universities converged to at the Hall No 1 to enjoy the inaugural ceremony. Allama Medical College’s short film and a long 45 minutes movie were among the biggest attractions of first day. The last but the biggest entertainment of the first day and the real magnet proved the Rock Night, which started at 8pm and kept the jubilant youth of the town busy for significant amount of time till late night.

The festival is probably a reliever in the widespread impression of terrorism, panic and doubt enveloping the entire country. The City of Festivals, Lahore was especially missing such an enjoyable moments for a long time. This Youth Performing Festivals has charged the energetic youth of the City.