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U.S. Army asks for pampers to Pakistan

As Pakistan has blocked the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) supply line to record its condemn against across border massacre on Salala Army Check post in Mahmond last month, the U.S army now has to face another problem. According to the sources, the U.S. army have fallen short of pampers and tissues and their officials […]

US Senate passes sanctions on Iran central bank

The US Senate has unanimously approved economic sanctions on Iran targeting the country’s oil industry, despite warnings the move could backfire. The measures, passed by 100 votes to nil, would ban foreign firms from doing business with the Iranian central bank. Before it can become law, it must be approved by the House and President Barack […]

Thousands of Indian troops on Pakistan Border for battle exercise

Thousands of armed Indians troops, fighter planes and bulletproof vehicles have reached in Rajasthan today morning, to participate in war exercises, reported an Indian Newspaper. Acording to Indian Media, Hindustan will start war exercises near Pakistani Border in Rajasthan. The exercises will be commenced in two phases extended to total period of two months. Tanks, […]

Barack Obama not offering formal apology to Pakistan: New York Times

While the Pakistan pressing America to accept the NATO forces invaded Pakistani check post in Mahmond between the Friday and Saturday night, American Newspaper New York Times reported on Wednesday that the US president Barack Obama would not offer formal condolences to Pakistan. According to the New York Times, President Obama will not make any […]

Pakistani-born businessman buying NFL team

The National Football League has been sold to Pakistani-born businessman Shahid Khan, said Wayne Weaver, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars said on Tuesday. Weaver informed the media, he has signed the deal on Tuesday after informing the past NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that the deal will be approved after the final review of the league’s […]

NATO attack reports due next month: US

KABUL – A US-led investigation into a NATO air strike that killed 24 Pakistani troops near the Afghan border will report its initial findings by December 23, officials said Tuesday. The chief of US Central Command, which oversees US forces in Afghanistan and the Middle East, appointed Brigadier General Stephen Clark, a one-star air force general, to […]

Pakistan Army discards NATO regrets over attacks

Over the death of 24 Pakistani Soldiers in the National Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) forces attack in the Mohmand tribal region along the Afghan Border on Saturday, the Pakistani Army has strongly condemned and rejected the regrets from the U.S. and NATO officials on Monday.  Pakistani Army spokes person Major General Athar Abbas said the […]

Hidden frauds in calling card companies

Agha Saleh, a Pakistani merchant in Jackson Heights, Queens, held a bundle of calling cards in his hand. “These calling cards used to be worth $5,000, but now they are garbage,” he said. “A prepaid phone card company – Rainbow – introduced this calling card in the community, offered attractive deals, more minutes, made money […]

Study reveals social media usage not effect study habits of college students in America

As one of the media of communication, social networking plays an important role in people’s lives. Its usage may vary from one person to another depending on the benefits that this medium can provide for them. For students specifically, social networking serves as their channel to express their thoughts and feelings about a certain issue. […]

What makes an ‘Achiever’?

Having pondered over your Vision and focused on the various long and short term goals, it is important to understand how to go about achieving them. Because ultimately it is the quality of the actions that you leave behind that would prove the worth of your contribution to your Institution. Just like being an effective […]

How can you set game-winning vision

Vision is not restricted to the individual but every institution needs to have a vision too. For an individual to work effectively within the institution, he/she needs to have clarity on both the visions (self and institution) to align the same for growth and evolution. As a leader, when you are able to appreciate the […]

Polish you vision of life to achieve everything

Vision is not a destination to be reached, but a direction in which you are dreaming to walk. Vision is like the North Star that provides the anchorage for all your decision making processes through the day and through life. A Vision determines several milestones that need to be achieved and every milestone has several […]

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