While addressing the press conference, on Thursday, October 13, Research in Motion (RIM ) CEO, Mike Lazaridis, confirmed the restoration of BalckBerry email service after three-day global outages.

The Co-chairman and CEO of BlackBerry, Lazaridis, apologised for the occurrence of inconvenience of this sort and reaffirmed that the company is working towards completely ruling out the possibility of any such future incidence.

According to Lazaridis, “immediate and aggressive steps” are underway to write off completely the likelihood of such major outages which may lead to inconvenience of this level.

CEO confirmed that the outage was because of the core switch failure in the back end system in United Kingdom, the results of which were felt by the customers all over the world, as far away as, in Canada and United States.

During the press conference, the CEO of chairman added, “On Monday we had a hardware failure that caused a ripple effect in our system. There was a backup switch, but the backup didn’t function as intended and this led to a backlog of data in the system. The failure in Europe, in turn, overloaded systems elsewhere. Most of all, we are committed to working to restoring trust the trust of our loyal customers that we’ve worked so hard to earn over the years.”

Lazardis also filled in that RIM is working with the vendors to fix and get down to the real root cause behind this problem. He also clarified that that it is too soon to say that that they have gotten rid of the problem, which must be very frustrating for BlackBerry’s users.

While the problem stretched over three successive days, BlackBerry’s rival, Microsoft Windows’  Ben Rudolph tweeted to make the most of the latter’s aggravating situation and announced on their official webpage that those who were downright frustrated with  BlackBerry’s performance, should make the best use of the Windows phone offer, which they had just announced. Windows phone announced the 25 give aways already to those who tweeted back to the post. There is a noticeable rush for the Windows phones these days in market.

However, the CEO assured that it enwraps within his responsibilities to make the service available no matter what and by this specific incident  he himself failed to measure up to the his own expectations. Hence, he is working towards not having them on board in future.