Facebook seeking privacy changes consent

Facebook is time consuming, entertaining, hangout place for people of all ages, finding your old college buddies, just to name a few. It is a lot of things and doing a lot more but respecting privacy of the users is not at the top of their agenda.

The place to stalk your ex or your high school crush has no need to respect your boundaries. Facebook has defined new age pervasive behaviour is taking a U-turn. Users will be asked to opt into any changes they want to from now on, especially how their personal
information is handled: hard to believe, right?

The latest announcement from the social media giant is a welcome news, something which has been appreciated by privacy campaigners.

Facebook was denounced in the manner they made alterations to the settings available to members without their consent, and used their information in the way they liked.

They have decided to change their terms of use after investigations by the US Federal Trade Commission. The way consent will be asked was not disclosed and more information on the matter will be available in the coming days.

However, Facebook has declined to comment on the story publisehed by the Wall Street Journal.

The report by Wall Street Journal also suggested that the organization has agreed to privacy audits by an un-named independent organization over the next 20 years.