Pakistan’s Youth – sign of a brighter future

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, might not have been the happiest person today had been alive to see his nation sinking into a chaotic situation.

Pakistan may not be in the healthiest of conditions at the moment with the ever increasing rate of poverty, unemployment, frustration and terrorism. However, the nation still has one bright hope, which is its youth.

Many believe that Pakistan will not be on the world map in the coming future due to the troublesome time it is going through at the moment. Is it really going to happen? Does the country not have the potential to rise from the ashes of crisis?

The answer to these questions is in the hands of the Pakistani youth. Although people will say that experience is important, I say let our young generation make mistakes and learn from them.

The best thing about our youth is that they are willing to learn. Committing mistakes is not a big deal, but the problem arises when people stop learning from them.

Unfortunately, committing mistakes and not learning from them had become a trend in our society. This has left us in a chaotic position and apparently we have no way to go from here.

However, things are changing now with the youth now aware of their responsibilities towards the betterment of society. They want to bring a positive change and are committed to take charge of the country.

The reason why I keep stressing on youth of Pakistan is that 35 percent of our total population is below the age of 25 years, which is the highest in the world.

Young generation of any country is the agent of change. They have the enthusiasm to make things happen effectively and efficiently.

Pakistan’s current situation reminds me of the cricket World Cup 1992. Led by Imran Khan, the Men-in-Green were almost knocked out of the tournament.

However, a couple of good wins and some fortune helped the team achieve the impossible.

This is exactly what our country needs at the moment. Some good luck and the ambition that the Imran led team had in the Mega Event.

Recently, I attended a workshop arranged by the British Council, which aimed to give a direction to our young generation. It gave me a lot of hope to see many youngsters participating and wanting to do something for their country.

They have been using the social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to improve the image of our nation. More importantly, the youth recognises the importance of being one nation rather than a crowd of self centered people.

Our forefathers have always given importance to being a Punjabi or Sindhi, but the next generation only gives priority to being a Pakistani.

Not only our youth is aware of the problems we face as a nation, they are working in groups to find appropriate solutions. Many alliances have been formed such as the Pakistan Youth Movement, Youth Parliament of Pakistan, Pakistan Youth Alliance and Pakistan
Youth, which aim to make this part of the world a better place for the generations to come.

The most important thing for an organization is the manpower it has. Similarly, what we need as a country are youngsters who are aware of the problems within society and have the ambition to solving them.

No matter what others say about us, I am confident that our future will be in safe hands and this country will rule the rest of the world one day.